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A Personal Note from our CEO


This residential, healing, addiction recovery center in Hawaii has been a vision of mine for over ten years. The thought of creating a beautiful, nurturing, and healing place for individuals to find rest, solitude, spiritual growth, and empowerment to do their real inner work, is a dream come true and proof this divine transformation process is real.

Maui REcovery Kihei Hawaii

Our team of therapists & healers, all of which I know personally and have helped me in my healing journey, help our members to get to know themselves and develop a real understanding of their family of origins, addictions and underlying issues. Through their expertise in experiential therapy modalities, both in individual and group settings, our therapy team helps our members go deep into their psyche, pain, childhood wounds, trauma’s, and connect with core feelings that have been repressed, buried, and denied. Then, there is an opportunity to release the shame, guilt, insecurities, and anger in cathartic ways through our bi-weekly intensives. This helps people begin to breakthrough what has been blocking them and begin to thaw out, feel again, and open up in a way where deep love can be fully experienced, which heals the underlying hurt that has been repressed.  It helps to awaken a new consciousness and intimacy with their creator, with Self, and with others. This allows for individuals to cleanse from the real roots that have contributed to addiction, sickness, compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety, process addictions, and sabotaging patterns in the body and in life. Once these are traced, faced, and erased – the limits and barriers are broken down and we become clear channels with spirit, and begin to manifest what we’ve been longing for. Worth, Value, and Belonging is greatly felt, known and eventually believed as the real Truth. This is a unique program with real care, nurturing, in a safe environment to do this kind of deep work, whereas most treatment centers just can’t get to this kind of healing. Holding space for this kind of inner work is our specialty.

Addiction Recovery Center in Hawaii

A limited number of residents go through the program together, which allows for a level of intimacy that is rare in the addiction healing industry. It is truly like a cocoon for people to fall apart in a safe and healthy way, go within, do their work, and get in touch with their wounds to work through them. It has been described as experiencing a re-birth as healthy vulnerability is cultivated. They learn with themselves and their community how to love, nurture, and care for this new Self that they lost long ago, hence reclaiming their inner child. Passion comes back, along with wholeness, vitality, excitement, and enthusiasm for life again!

addiction recovery center in hawaiiThere is a real dilemma today in the treatment industry, often deep care is compromised for profit.  It’s sad because we are seeing so many young people go to treatment over and over where families spend a fortune, only to see their loved one’s relapse repeatedly. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and we are committed to saving lives and doing it affordably. The Process is real, we know that. Our addiction recovery center in Hawaii keeps it small and intimate on purpose with the true intention of true healing and recovery, everything we do is quality over quantity.  The experiential work we do re-wires the neurology. In our downtime when we are not doing the work, our members rest, practice self-care, work on integration, get scuba certified, surf therapy weekly, free diving once a week, hike mountains, jungles or waterfalls, play at the beach, kayak with whales or swim with dolphins. We allow the healing properties of nature and Hawaii to fill us up with: heart awakening meditation walks on the beach, exercise, healthy nutritious meals made by our chef, rest, journal, meditation, book studies, and classroom work to learn about this transformation and healing process.

Our members treat this community and village property sacred as we all have a “Kuleana” – where we care for our land and where we live. It’s a large village-like property where fruit and vegetation life grows lusciously and we all tend, care, and protect it while learning about Hawaiian culture. We also have a fully licensed CARF clinical team if anyone needs to be seen clinically or medically to help with integration because it’s needed when we do this level of work.

We created this with the heart, purpose, and intention for people’s healing and growth, and it’s felt the moment our members step on the property. In regards to recovery, we take our members to different kinds of recovery meetings to experience the community spirit of Hawaii and recovery that relates to their issues. We don’t believe in rigidity, as every soul is unique to its own journey. Last but not least, we learn to play and have fun.

This is a program that will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, because we all deserve it. We were made to let our light shine brightly so that we can live beautiful lives while helping others find their Light. We will guide and support you on your path to Recovery & Discovery as you reconnect to nature and find your Truth, Individuality, Potential, Self-Compassion and most of all, Self-Love.

 With Sincere Aloha,

David Naylor

Maui Recovery


David’s Bio

About DavidFor the first 28 years of his life, David lived in the prisons of his own shame, fears and addictions. Starting by the age of 10, he began having issues in school, in team activities, and was taken to Psychiatrists and eventually diagnoses with ADHD, forced to take his daily medicine. Confused, shamed and labeled, he went to school each day with an emptiness that he couldn’t understand or process. He began to act out and all the pain within spilled out sideways both at home and in school. He later learned that the emptiness was SHAME. With an emotionally unavailable father and overactive busy mother who had other kids to raise, David lacked the nurturing at home and did not know how to give that nurturing to himself, which he so desperately needed. He later learned that he abandoned his True Self, and began people pleasing, proving, impressing, lying, over achieving and developed several compulsive behaviors, addictions and personas along the way, doing anything to be enough, liked, wanted or accepted, all while hiding, burying and denying the shame, painful feelings, low self esteem, worth and beliefs that had formed. This eventually turned into not only drug & alcohol addiction that led him into his first rehab at 17 but also several layers of character flaws, defects and sabotaging patterns, which carried out through his adult life. For 30 years he sabotaged, blew up or pushed away any good thing that came his way, re-creating the belief systems, shame and guilt he knew so well.

About David

Today, David knows deeply he is good, noble, that he belongs, is loved and worthy of all the goodness this life offers. Through the last 12 years of relentlessly pursuing his healing, recovery and seeking truth, he lives with a full and rich heart, and in his whole Truest form. He was truly lost and has been found, was blind and now can see. David Naylor Maui RecoveryToday, he’s learned who “God” is for him, and has developed a deep relationship with that connection, which has in turn helped him to love and have compassion for himself, giving the space to truly have compassion and love others. This is was makes him so relatable to others and why he has helped hundreds of young adults through their confusion, pain, addictions and suffering. One must travel through the treacherous desert in search for the Holy Grail, sit in the darkness like the caterpillar, fall apart, and discover the process of becoming is very real… Today, David gets to work in his True Calling, a real example of how the process, progress and promises are real. We just have to seek and search with all of our hearts, because the journey is not for the faint of heart. David lives in Maui & Austin with his family and dog, where gets the privilege of personally walking with and helping others escape the very prisons he was once in himself, so that they too can have experience and gain the freedom, truth and love that is available for anyone who has a true desire to go within and do their inner work. He also owns and operates 10 Sober Living Homes in Austin, Tx that focuses on this work, while building family, community and training up leaders in the sober community. At both BridgeWay & Maui Recovery, individuals get mentored, guided and supported by David & his team.

For more information on David, BridgeWay or Maui Recovery, call 800-919-2066 and visit MauiRecovery.com or read the reviews at  BridgeWaySoberLiving.com