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Meet our Team at Maui Recovery

Executive and Administrative Staff

daivd naylor ceo maui recovery

David Naylor


For the first 28 years of his life, David lived in the prisons of his own shame, fears and addictions. Starting by the age of 10, he began having issues in school, in team activities, and was taken to Psychiatrists and eventually diagnoses with ADHD, forced to take his daily medicine. Confused, shamed and labeled, he went to school each day with an emptiness that he couldn’t understand or process. He began to act out and all the pain within spilled out sideways both at home and in school. He later learned that the emptiness was SHAME. With an emotionally unavailable father and overactive busy mother who had other kids to raise, David lacked the nurturing at home and did not know how to give that nurturing to himself, which he so desperately needed. He later learned that he abandoned his True Self, and began people pleasing, proving, impressing, lying, over achieving and developed several compulsive behaviors, addictions and personas along the way, doing anything to be enough, liked, wanted or accepted, all while hiding, burying and denying the shame, painful feelings, low self esteem, worth and beliefs that had formed. This eventually turned into not only drug & alcohol addiction that led him into his first rehab at 17 but also several layers of character flaws, defects and sabotaging patterns, which carried out through his adult life. for 30 years he sabotaged, blew up it up or pushed away any good thing that came his way, re-creating the belief systems, shame and guilt he knew so well.

Today, David knows deeply he is good, noble, that he belongs, is loved and worthy of all the goodness this life offers. Through the last 12 years of relentlessly pursuing his healing, recovery and seeking truth, he lives with a full and rich heart, and in his whole True Self. He was truly lost and has been found, was blind and now can see. Today, he’s learned who “God” is for him, and has developed a deep relationship with that connection, which has in turn helped him to love and have compassion for himself, giving the space to truly have compassion and love others. This is was makes him so relatable to others and why he has helped hundreds of young adults through their confusion, pain and suffering. One must travel through the treacherous desert in search for the Holy Grail, sit in the darkness like the caterpillar, fall apart, and discover the process of becoming is very real… Today, David gets to work in his True Calling, a real example of how the process, progress and promises are real. We just have to seek and search with all of our hearts, because the journey is not for the faint of heart. Today, David lives in Hawaii at Maui Recovery Extended Care Sober Living with his family and dog, where gets the privilege of personally walking with and helping others escape the very prisons he was once in himself, so that they too can have experience and gain the freedom, truth and love that is available for anyone who has a true desire to go within and do their inner work. He also owns and operates 10 Sober Living Homes that focuses on building family, community and training up leaders.

David Brooke MA

Director of Clinical Services

Mr. Brooke has worked as a professional in the addiction treatment field for the last 8 years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from his education in The Netherlands and received his Masters in Addiction Counseling from the Hazelden Graduate School. Mr. Brooke facilitated the opening of two major treatment centers in Europe. In the youth clinic in Belgium, outdoor activities were a major part of treatment planning. He has advised staff, schools and intervention agencies through private consulting. He has worked with a variety of cultural backgrounds, age groups, and treatment settings making him a dynamic asset to our team.

maui recovery lcsw

Jessica Brazil, LCSW

Director of Mindfulness Based Therapies

Ms. Brazil earned her BSW in 2003 and MSW in 2006 with an emphasis on Clinical and Rural Social Work Practice. Her practice specializes in treatment of anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, attachment problems, and relationship issues. Ms. Brazil is passionate about psycho-spirituality development, holistic health, multiculturalism, and the ocean. In addition to traditional treatment models and specialization in trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, she integrates mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breath-work, and existentialism into therapy. Ms. Brazil currently works as a Practicum Instructor for the University of Hawaii Masters of Social Work program, serves as the Maui Branch Representative for the National Association of Social Workers, provides workshops, and is a mindfulness instructor for international yoga retreats. Jessica has worked with all ages in many non-profits and state agencies engaged as a research assistant with Eastern Washington University; and is a former Instructor at Northwest Nazarene University. Her vision as a professional is to inspire healing and growth towards realizing and living one’s dreams.

Clinical Staff

Laura Ramos

Executive/Clinical Director

Having amassed over fifteen years of hands-on experience in research and non-profit work, supporting individuals seeking services for a broad range of behavioral and medical healthcare needs, Laura Ramos is honored to lead Maui Recovery Center as Executive Director.  She is certified as both a Professional Recovery Coach and as a Nuerofeedback therapist specializing in the treatments of ADD, ADHD, related anxiety issues, depression, trauma, addiction and eating disorders.  Prior to relocating to Maui in early 2017Laura founded Casa Luna Recovery Center in Agoura Hills, California, acting as Executive Director.  Prior to that, she was the Program Director for the Eating Recovery Program at Awakenings, conducted research trials at UCLA’s Center for Behavior and Addiction Medicine, and was the Director of Prevention Programs at Common Ground and Venice Family Clinic in Santa Monica, California. Living on Maui connects Laura daily to a deep appreciation for her own recovery.  “I’m the best version of me here.  I feel centered, grounded and in complete alignment.  Thistate of being is what Maui Recovery Center strives to help our clients achieve through our holistic (mind, body and spirit) approach to recovery and healing. 

Dr. Irving W. Harper III, M.D.

Maui Recovery Medical Director
Medical Assisted Detox
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Irving W. Harper III, M.D. is a graduate of the Wright State University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at a tertiary care trauma center at Miami Valley Hospital, specializing in Internal Medicine. Dr. Harper has 24 years of experience in his Medical Practice, 5 years of practice in Cosmetic Dermatology, and 4 years of practice in Anti Aging Medicine & Bio-Identical Hormones. Dr. Harper has been educated by prestigous instructors including Dr. Sandy Tsao of Harvard Dermatology and Dr. Hema Sundaram, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon of the University of Cambridge, England.

Education & Medical Training
Miami Valley Hospital
Residency, Internal Medicine

Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
Medical School
Certifications & Licensure
OH State Medical License
Active through 2018
HI State Medical License
Active through 2018

Rachel Davies

Lead Therapist

Ms. Davies brings a wealth of creative and embodied experience to her work as a hypnotherapist, along with a gentle, warm energy and sense of humor.  She studied hypnotherapy at the Ashland School, which specializes in a mindfulness-based, holistic approach. Further, she’s studied and practiced non-violent communication for several years, and has extensive experience in therapies that support the healing of trauma, including two years studying gestalt, reiki, shiatsu, meditation and creative practice at the cutting-edge Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She’s done a lot of her own personal recovery work, and offers a multi-faceted approach to support clients to find their own authentic path to recovery.

Residential Staff

Geraldine Urquidez

Program Assistant Lead

Ms. Urquidez earned her degree in Human Services/Substance Abuse Counseling from University of Hawaii, Maui College and is currently working toward her BA in Social Sciences- Applied Track and Certificate in Substance Abuse&Addiction Studies through  The University of Hawaii, West Oahu College. Before coming to Maui Recovery, she has worked in the substance abuse field as a Program Assistant and Case Manager. Her personal experiences have led her to wanting to help others overcome a variety of difficult life challenges. She is always passionate about what she does and wants to be an inspiration to others.

Nick Terry

Resident Manager and Intake Specialist

Mr. Terry moved to Hawaii from the northwest in 2000 and has made Maui Hi his home. Shorty after completing in-patient residential treatment, he began working in the Recovery field. Mr. Terry is very passionate about his own recovery and enthusiastic about helping others. He is currently studying for his certification in substance abuse counseling. He brings his passion for recovery to all he encounters and is always known to be extremely active in and enthusiastic about recovery.

Devon Stone

Program Assistant 

Ms. Stone moved to Maui in 1998, when she was in 2nd grade.  Since then, Maui has been her home.  She appreciates the beauty of Maui and has developed an authentic respect for traditional Hawaiian culture.  Devon plans on going back to school to complete her certification in substance abuse counseling.  Her life experiences gained through her own recovery have ignited a deep passion for helping others through the challenges and victories of recovery.