One of the many pleasures of Maui is that it boasts vastly varied landscapes. We explore many hiking ventures and locations. Here are some of our explorations:

Twin Falls 

Twin Falls crystallizes the depths of the islands diversity. Located on the Road to Hana, this roadside attraction isn’t one to miss. Visitors hike to its waterfalls and is accessible to most. Visitors are often amazed by the teeming forests and stunning foliage and rare treasures, all of which is fueled by the abundant rain that showers down on the Ho’olawa Valley.

Iao Valley

If you’re traveling through Maui’s central plains, you won’t miss the sight of ‘Lao Needle’ – the erosional vestige of West Maui’s last eruption over 320,000 years ago. The emerald-green and surreally shaped, rises 1200 from the valley floor. The sacredness of the region continues to be felt today in its often-surging stream and botanical wonderland, where endemic and non-native species grow in a cacophony of green. ‘Iao’s short hike is accessible to most, and presents beguiling views of deep vales, titillating ridges, and the island’s coastline – so beautiful, in fact, that Mark Twain dubbed this National Natural Landmark the “Yosemite of the Pacific”

Makawao Forrest Reserve

Located 3,000 feet above sea level, this lovely trail is Muir territory. The mist, mystery and quiet invigoration is a biker lovers paradise, where families and thrill-seekers can be found in equal numbers. The main trail is Kahakapao Loop Trail, which runs parallel to the gorge and through the lush forest. Youre likely to hear birds, and come across white ginger, ti, and tropical ash. 

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