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At Bridges of Hope, we believe you should never attempt to quit drinking cold turkey. It not only rarely works, but it can even aggravate your condition. We invite you to our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana for comprehensive medical treatment asap.

What is alcohol detox?

The alcohol detoxification process is a medical procedure relying on medication, control, and therapy to eliminate the substance from your organism and restore the chemical balance in the brain. Prolonged alcohol addiction will change your brain’s chemical functioning drastically over the years, altering your behavior and mental composure. The role of the detoxification procedure is to reverse that.

During the alcohol detox program, you will remain under permanent supervision, as our clinicians will monitor your progress around the clock. The program will usually last up to two weeks, with minor adjustments, depending on each patient, and it will rely on medication-assisted treatment, as well as therapy and counseling.

How to overcome alcohol withdrawal?

The safest and most effective way of defeating the withdrawal is by joining the inpatient program today. The more you wait, the faster the alcohol addiction will progress. In its more advanced stages, the withdrawal can even become life-threatening. It can produce severe manifestations like seizures, cardiac arrest, delirium tremens, etc. Trying to overcome the symptoms on your own is an exercise in futility.

You can only do that in a controlled environment, under the supervision of experienced clinicians and therapists. The detoxification process is a procedure that relies on precision, control, and adaptability. At our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana, we offer personalized detox, designed to meet the unique needs of every one of our patients. We can help you beat the withdrawal fast, in a comfortable and relaxing environment, with our experts controlling the procedure at all times.

Is alcoholism incurable?

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder, which means it has no known cure. The closest thing to a cure is adopting a life-changing management strategy that will span over the rest of your life. Most alcoholics have battled their disease for years, which has caused it to become part of their life. Their addiction is their life now, and it is this mindset that prevents them from moving past it.

At our center, you will find out how to shed the old and embrace the new, despite all the obstacles before you. Here, you will learn that hope should never die because there is always a solution to your problem, with proper guidance and support. And we can offer you the salvation you’re seeking.

Starting the rehab today!

The sooner you begin the rehabilitation treatment, the faster you will be able to get your life back. Our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana offer you the opportunity to start life anew. At our center, you will receive personalized care, high-end clinical treatment and therapy, along with care, compassion, and respect.

At Bridges of Hope, our mission is to teach you about personal responsibility, self-discovery, and happiness. Visit our facility today, meet the staff, and let’s begin the treatment asap!

Alcohol Rehab Centers In Indiana

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If you have never considered treating your alcohol addiction, this is the perfect time to join our alcohol rehab in Indianapolis. At Bridges of Hope, we offer treatment, care, and aftercare support to make sure you remain sober and focused on your goals.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a mental disorder with severe long-term consequences. Most people take alcohol for granted because its consumption is legal, it is widespread, and it only delivers considerable side-effects over more extended periods of time. The fact that alcohol addiction sets in slowly, over months or years of continuous abuse is what makes alcoholism even more dangerous than drug addiction.

Many factors contribute to triggering the disease, some of which are genetic, social, personal, or even familial. When left untreated, the disorder will aggravate fast, triggering other mental health issues in time. To prevent that, we advise you to act before it’s too late!

How to treat alcoholism?

You can only treat the disease in a professional, high-profile rehab facility, through medication, therapy, and long-term management implementation. Many people believe that overcoming alcohol addiction is a matter of choice and willpower, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Although alcohol addiction begins as a choice, you can’t merely stop drinking whenever you like, especially in the more advanced stages of addiction.

Quitting cold turkey will trigger a variety of side-effects, including headaches, nausea, vomiting, mood changes, and even seizures and hallucinations. The severity of the withdrawal often grows to life-threatening levels, which is why we advise against any form of self-detox or self-medication. Our center of alcohol rehab in Indianapolis provides security, comfort, and access to high-end rehab programs and therapies for long-lasting results.

The best alcohol detox treatment

The detoxification treatment is part of the inpatient/residential program, during which you will remain under 24/7 supervision and control. Our clinician will devise a personalized medication plan, based on your clinical profile, and monitor your progress throughout the treatment. The detoxification process is meant to stabilize your behavioral display, eliminate the substance from your organism, and rebalance your brain’s chemical functioning.

You will begin to feel better, more energetic, and notice drastic improvements in your mental and emotional state. The medication-assisted program is also vital for targeting co-occurring disorders, many of which may have been caused by the addiction itself. The detoxification procedure is a sensitive step in the recovery process since many things can go wrong if you attempt it yourself. To avoid that, we urge you to leave it to the experts!

Leaving alcoholism behind

In many situations, the predilection towards alcohol abuse comes from genetic roots or alcohol-related family history. This makes it difficult to combat long-term, but it is possible. With proper guidance, support, and education, anyone can overcome their alcohol demons and begin a new life with our alcohol rehab in Indianapolis; one of sobriety, happiness, and health.

Contact us, at Bridges of Hope, and learn how to do that yourself! With us as your guides, your life will change forever.

alcohol rehab indiana

At Bridges of Hope, we know that the greatest danger of alcoholism is that most people take it for granted. If you are looking to join a program of alcohol rehab in Indiana, you are no longer one of those people.

What is alcoholism?

Contrary to what most people believe, alcoholism is not a choice, but a disorder. It is a mental disease that functions based on compulsive behavior. The addict can’t stop drinking, without experiencing severe, often life-threatening withdrawal, which makes the relapse a normal occurrence. When left untreated, the disorder will aggravate fast, triggering other mental disorders along the way, including anxiety, depression, etc.

You can quickly treat the disease in the initial stages of development by joining a professional rehab facility. The problem is that most people end up in rehab in already advanced stages of alcoholism, making the treatment that much more complex and demanding. This is the reason why we urge people to seek medical assistance as soon as possible before the condition aggravates any further.

How to treat alcohol addiction?

The only way to effectively treat alcoholism is by entering a high-end inpatient rehabilitation program. All other treatment methods will fail at delivering long-term benefits, as most patients will relapse soon after completing the treatment. The inpatient program reduces the risk of relapse significantly due to the strategies involved and the manner of treatment.

The inpatient treatment relies on detox services, 24/7 supervision, and permanent care and support from our team of clinicians. For effective alcohol rehab in Indiana, we advise you to enter our inpatient program and allow our professionals to take over. Your life will begin to change fast.

How to remain sober after the rehab?

To avoid relapsing after completing the rehabilitation treatment, you must be willing to adopt significant lifestyle changes. Our experts will teach you the essentials of:

  • Adopting healthier eating habits
  • Remaining physically and mentally active
  • Improving your social skills
  • Developing long-term coping skills and relapse prevention strategies
  • Repairing your relationships with your loved ones
  • Avoiding social triggers
  • Working towards achieving your life goals, etc.

All these strategies will help you keep your focus on the things that matter the most – health, career, love, personal development. There will be no room for addiction in this newfound system.

The path to sobriety

You feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope and that it’s time to change your life forever. Your first move should be working on overcoming your addiction and retake control over your thoughts and your future. To achieve that, you must join our alcohol rehab in Indiana today, for urgent assessment and clinical diagnosis.

Our experts will design a personalized medication program for detox and stabilization, allowing you to regain your psychological independence. Everything will start going uphill from there. At Bridges of Hope, you will learn that there is more to life than just pain, suffering, and terror. You can defeat your addiction and break free from all the torment you’re going through now. Contact us today, and discover how!

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