Drug and Alcohol Rehab Recovery Steps

Drug Rehab Recovery Steps

Drug rehab is a vital part of the recovery process an addiction patient endures before he or she can permanently wave goodbye to the life-damaging habit. It is a component that cannot be omitted because it is basically responsible for salvaging a patient’s dire health situation and reconfiguring the individual’s thought process in order to brew self-confidence.

While drug rehab is definitely key to improving the wellbeing of an addict, the first true step to Hawaii recovery from addiction is the admission of an addiction problem and the willingness to seek help. A patient that is admitted to a rehab center must be willing and committed to receiving treatment; failure to exhibit such positive resolve is bound to waste the precious time of all parties involved in the procedure.

The recovery process in rehab centers can indeed be very thorough and overwhelming; however, the steps taken by the experienced professionals running these facilities are tried, tested, and endorsed. While these steps are often modified to fit the peculiarity of each addiction patient, they are the general guidelines that are adhered to during the execution of therapeutic procedures within the confines of a rehab facility.

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Steps Used in Drug Rehab



This is an important step that must be taken by any reputable rehab facility in Hawaii because of the role it plays in creating a treatment plan. It is basically obscene to commence drug addiction therapy without assessing the patient to determine the severity of the addiction or the possible existence of an underlying health issue.

Proper assessment of the addiction patient helps guide the rehab personnel through the process of generating a treatment plan and schedule, which ensures that the therapeutic process is both effortless and effective.

An assessment helps determine the concentration of the illicit drug in the patient’s bloodstream, which is a must-have information for the rehab personnel. It also determines the treatment option that will be suitable for the patient with rehab programs like inpatient therapy and outpatient therapy available for implementation.

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This is the clinical aspect of rehab treatment that involves the administering of therapeutic drugs for the purpose of removing the harmful addictive compounds from the patient’s bloodstream. Detoxification is not just an integral component of a rehab program, it is the procedure that kick-starts a patient’s recovery.

The removal of these harmful compounds from the patient’s body isn’t only carried out to restore the individual’s body to an healthy state, it is also performed to ensure that all intrinsic addiction triggers lodged in the system of the patient are promptly eliminated. It is well known that most patients almost immediately experience remarkable improvement of their health after completing the detoxification process and many describe the feeling as remarkably exhilarating.

The detoxification process may, however, at times trigger certain unpleasant side effects that can be excruciating for the patient. While these side effects are most often times temporary, they can easily be suppressed by the administering of medication.


Mental and Psychological Therapy

This procedure usually takes place all through the duration of a rehab program in Hawaii and its efficacy as a viable addiction treatment procedure has been comprehensively proven. This vital step of drug rehab recovery is used to perform diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive actions on the addiction patient, hence, making it a key component of all rehab programs.

It entails the mental and psychological assessment of a patient in order to highlight the factors responsible for the addiction.  Discovering the psychological source of an addiction problem goes a long way in aiding its resolution, and it also leads to a long-term or permanent fix of the problem.

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Counseling and Group Therapy

This is usually carried out after the completion of the detoxification process and can be run side by side with mental and psychological therapy. It involves the two highly effective social strategies that are applied in order to strengthen the character and emotional resilience of the patient.

When patients share their thoughts with qualified counselors or with recovering addicts, it builds up their emotional strength and improves their communication skills, which are both tools that will definitely come in handy after the rehab process. By undertaking this vital step, a recovering drug addict is strengthened with all the emotional artillery he or she needs to survive in the society once the rehab program ends.

Post-Rehab Recovery Steps

After completing the rigorous rehab program, the patient can seek respite away from the pressure in the outside world by temporarily residing in an extended living sober home until he or she has the mental and emotional strength to withstand life’s day to day challenges.

But perhaps the most important step that must be taken by the patient to truly defeat the terrible vice of drug addiction is the enjoyment of life without indulgence in any illicit substance.

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