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 Addiction recovery is a beautiful and highly personal journey of self-discovery and emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to find true happiness and fulfillment.

Hawaii Drug Treatment Programs

It’s not often that Hawaii is thought of or spoken of as a destination with world-class drug and alcohol treatment centers and programs. Hawaii is best known as an ocean paradise with beautiful, tropical, exotic beaches. Hawaii is best known for its perfect temperatures and perfect weather year-round, and rightfully so! Still, a lot of people come to Hawaii for drug addiction treatment because Hawaii is paradise. Breaking free from drug dependency in Hawaii is like getting sober on your vacation!

Of course, your experience will depend on the treatment program or treatment center of your choosing. Here at Maui Recovery, we allow our patients to experience recovery outdoors. We want you to see, smell, taste, feel, and hear the senses that are exclusive to Hawaii. Make the most of your drug treatment program by choosing Maui Recovery.

Top 3 Benefits of Drug Treatment Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii is a very peaceful and spiritual place. The pristine ocean waters, the shorelines that are littered with organic black volcanic rock, the coconut trees; Hawaii is all about adventures, wellness, and new beginnings. Starting your journey to recovery at Maui Recovery can help you hit the ground running by providing you with a strong foundation to build upon as you go forward in your recovery.

Break the Addictive Cycle

The journey to recovery is like a thousand-mile journey. This life-long journey starts with a single step. Do you know what that first step is? The first step in the thousand-mile journey of recovery is removing yourself from your environment. The beauty of any drug treatment rehab is that it removes you from the environment that is either causing you to abuse drugs, enabling you to abuse drugs, or encouraging you to abuse drugs. Although removing yourself is only temporary, it is a vitally important first step in the recovery process.

Gain Deeper Insights and Better Education

Being free from drugs and potentially dysfunctional, unhealthy environments can help you see things as you have never seen them before! As you learn about addiction, you will learn about yourself. You will learn habits, thoughts, and behaviors that trigger cravings. You’ll learn how your mind and body are affected by the substances you use or abuse. With deeper insights and education into the way you are wired and how different substances work, you’ll be better equipped to resist temptation when temptation arises.

Establish Healthier Habits

An important part of recovery is replacing old, unhealthy habits and practices with no ones. No other Hawaii drug treatment program comes close to the levels of comfort and luxury as Maui Recovery! Maui Recovery is a transformational addiction recovery program. Maui Recovery incorporates adventure therapy, spirituality, outrigger canoeing, and a ton of fun, inspiring activities that help people to learn how to live and have fun without the drugs.

If you are interested in getting help from one of the best Hawaii drug treatment programs, contact Maui Recovery. You’ll be glad you did.

Hawaii Drug Treatment Programs

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Hawaii Drug Treatment Programs

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About the Maui Recovery Team

  • Board Certified Physician Consultation & Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Spiritual Consulting with Hawaiian Kahuna
  • Psychoeducational Classes

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What Makes Maui Recovery Unique

  • A centrally located pristine, private, and tranquil setting
  • Integration of Hawaiian culture and traditions in therapy
  • Inclusion of neurobiological factors in diagnosis and clinical care
  • Deep Cathartic Emotional work targeting and addresses buried and repressed shame, pain, grief, anger, guilt and low self worth that often cause compulsive behaviors and addictions.
  • Mindfulness meditation and engaged living that cultivates a true spiritual life.

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