Welcome to your Tech Addiction Test

Has the measure of time you spend on your digital gadgets and the Internet been expanding?

Do you wind up thoughtlessly taking a break all the time by gazing at your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer in any event, when there may be better or more valuable things to do?

Furthermore, do you appear to forget about time when on any of these gadgets?

Do you lay down with your Smartphone ON under your cushion or close to your bed routinely?

Do you wind up investing more energy with 'virtual companions' rather than genuine individuals close by?

Do family and friends feel concerned about the time you spend online?

Do you end up investing increasingly more energy on the web or on your advanced gadgets (PC, tablet or Smartphone) than you realize?

Do you wish you could spend less time on your digital device?

Do you feel like your digital devices decrease your ability to be productive?

Do you wind up feeling to some degree jittery or anxiety when you leave your smartphone or other Internet gadgets at home?

Do you eat meals while on your smartphone or other electronic devices?