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Adventure Therapy 

Our adventure guides and recovery team not only take you on the the most epic adventures of your life, they take you on an inward journey into your soul, fears, insecurities and shadow to help you process internally as well as externally, leading you to breakthroughs in your personal growth. From surfing, whale kayaking, jungle hikes and more, these experiences are life changing. Adventure Therapy is a unique therapy modality that is proven to create inner self discovery, breakthroughs in fear, insecurity, doubt and low self esteem, and creates a deeper sense of confidence, passion, aliveness and vitality. But most of all, our members tell us the biggest thing it does most of all, is reconnects them back to their feelings again, waking them up to a new sense and awareness of being alive.

Once a week, there is an adventure our guides take us on, whether it’s a hike up a mountain on in the jungles of Hana, or swinging on a rope swing off a waterfall, swimming with dolphins, catching a Marlin or kayaking to see the whales. Our most popular program by far is surfing therapy.

In this program, you’ll experience outdoor activity, natural sunlight, team building, bonding, intimacy, overcoming fears, exercise, experience life to the fullest, achievement and self esteem, all while being taken on an inward journey of self discovery and facilitation by our guides, creating something that only can be experienced. Maui Recovery is a place that real transformation and growth can occur, and this is just one of 6 programs that is included.