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One of the first actions taken toward achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety is to detoxify the body from drugs and/or alcohol. Detox needs are an essential first step and are assessed on an individual basis. Fortunately, methods of detoxification have evolved, making the process far easier than in the past. Today detox can be achieved in a safe and efficacious manner in which withdrawal symptoms are minimized. In this way, you will be more comfortable during your period of detoxification therefore more likely to remain in treatment and ultimately more likely to continue on a clean and sober path. Once our staff and partner physician determine detoxification is complete, you are then able to join our full and robust daily treatment schedule.

In order to achieve safe and effective detoxification, Maui Recovery works directly with a local physician who is Board-certified in addiction medicine. As a client of Maui Recovery you have access to a physician who can assess your detox needs and guide you safely and comfortably toward abstinence from addictive and harmful medications. Our partner physician is well versed in addiction medicine and uses the latest and up-to-date medical protocols to achieve safe detoxification. Our independent physician may prescribe medications to ease symptoms of withdrawal. During treatment you will have access to our partner physician to continually evaluate the effectiveness of medications and make adjustments as needed.

Helping you detox and become abstinent is not only our priority but also a crucial component of our treatment philosophy.

Offering Medical Assisted Detox

Dr. Harper
Maui Recovery Medical Director

Irving W. Harper III, M.D., a graduate of the Wright State University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at a tertiary care trauma center at Miami Valley Hospital, specializing in Internal Medicine. Dr. Harper has 24 years of experience in his Medical Practice, 5 years of practice in Cosmetic Dermatology, and 4 years of practice in Anti Aging Medicine & Bio-Identical Hormones. Dr. Harper has been educated by prestigous instructors including Dr. Sandy Tsao of Harvard Dermatology and Dr. Hema Sundaram, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon of the University of Cambridge, England.