mana program

The Maui Recovery Mana Program

A Customized 7 Day Life-Transforming Intensive Experience

Unplug. Recharge. Heal. And Change Your Life. 

Recovery Retreats and Intensives for those individuals seeking personal growth, transformation and the peace and joy that comes with Self-actualization and the clarity of Self-understanding.

  • Are you overworked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed with the demands of our perpetually plugged in and hyper-kinetic 21st century lives?
  • Are you experiencing burn-out, fatigue, or feeling empty with your life?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction and/or codependency?

All of these disorders are occurring in epidemic proportions in our society and are oftentimes a byproduct of: an unhealthy lifestyle, toxic thought patterns, unresolved trauma, spiritual alienation and disconnect, a loss of meaning and purpose in one’s life, and a lack of adequate self-care.
Come to Maui Recovery’s Mana Program and change Your Life in One Week.

We offer customized concierge intensive therapy, indigenous wisdom, spectacular nature immersion and adventure therapy: have you ever biked down a volcano? Snorkeled with dolphins? Done yoga at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at sunrise? The Mana program also includes life coaching, nutritional counseling and healing energetic work, all provided by some of the top clinicians, therapists and healers in the world.
At the Maui Recovery Mana 7 Day Intensive Program.

Recovery Intensives and Retreats

One of the unique things about Maui Recovery, is that we offer recovery intensives and recovery retreats, and we specialize in a deep dive of therapy, recovery, underlying issues, healing and addressing shame, anger, low self esteem, trauma, and process addiction. Whether it’s one week recovery retreats or two week recovery intensives, we can customize a recovery workshop for you and tailor a program to your needs. Recovery intensives and recovery retreats in Hawaii at Maui Recovery are most effective for individuals who don’t have a full 30 days of Treatment but still need to address their addictions, processed addiction, and underlying issues.

We also offer Executive Recovery retreats and Intensives for executives looking to take time out of their busy lives to quiet their mind, get still, take inventory and do inner healing work to address the problems that are coming up in their every day lives.

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