Obsession: Holding power over anything and everything

Compulsion: Running the show

When we believe we have no control over our lives, sometimes the need to have power over everything else overcomes us. Invaded boundaries and feelings of helplessness have very negative impacts that can’t (and shouldn’t) be ignored. Strong feelings of abandonment can also trigger the need to be in charge.

Some Maui Recovery clients say their control issues focus on specific things like schoolwork, parenting, or relationships. Others claim they’re addicted to having control over everything. They have to hold sway over every last inch of their lives, from family members to hobbies, vacations to finances. No matter what you’re trying to control, your ability to have a full, satisfying life could be greatly hindered.

Painful and traumatic events can lead to control issues in people of all ages. Through our program, clients discover how to create healthy boundaries and regain their self-worth.