Obsession: The next view, click, or download

Compulsion: Checking social media, watching videos, sending emails, surfing the web

The Internet may be a recent invention, but its impact on society is strong. For some people, it’s an occasional distraction. For those who can’t distinguish between healthy and obsessive behaviors, it’s a recipe for disaster. When online gaming (multiplayer games, fantasy games, etc.) and chat rooms entered the picture, it was clear that these activities would immediately cause problems for vulnerable individuals.

With social media so prevalent today, many sufferers struggle to differentiate the online world from the real world. The Internet offers an escape from the pain, stress, and loneliness in their lives. It’s a place that provides comfort and entertainment. Going offline is unthinkable. At Maui Recovery, we strive to help clients heal. By focusing on the sources of the anxiety and unhappiness, we’re able to teach them that they can walk away from bad habits. They don’t need the Internet to feel whole.