Obsession: Your image, how you look.

Compulsion: Performing every task perfectly, being the best at whatever you do.

Perfection addiction is usually accompanied by other addictions. Chances are they’re also a relationship addict, caretaker or people pleaser, as well. The desire to win or be the best at something is very normal. However, perfection addiction takes it to another level. Everything has to be perfect, from penmanship to pork roasts.

For perfectionists, hobbies and pastimes meant to be fun turn into stress inducers. Some believe their entire lives have to be perfect, while others say they’re only perfectionists when it comes to certain activities, (ex: school, work, or cooking).

Like other addictions, perfectionism may be the result of trauma. At Maui Recovery, we strive to give clients the support they need to overcome these roadblocks.