Like it or not, it happens. It’s uncomfortable to think about, but don’t take it as a sign of failure. A relapse is simply a message. “Take this as an opportunity to learn,” it says. “Change, grow, and try again.”

But you have a few questions. Who will offer kindness and support while you recover? How does a relapse help you grow? What do you need to do next?

Maui Recovery can walk you through the steps and introduce you to new opportunities. A better life is just around the corner.

We help adults (18 & over) who:

  • Have one or more disorders
  • Need to work through their grief
  • Feel ashamed and inferior in everything they do
  • Feel negative thoughts and feelings run their lives
  • Grapple with substance or process addictions
  • Received treatment in the past but struggle with relapses because of unidentified issues
  • Suffer from the ramifications of living with codependent and/or addicted family members
  • Have relationship problems that need to be examined
  • Experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, or abandonment in the past