Obsession: What can be done next

Compulsion: Have to get this done, have to keep busy, work, work, work

For most of us, work is something to dread. We’d rather be anywhere else than the office, but it’s what we have to do if we want to pay the bills. For others, however, work is a means to escape the tension in their outside lives. They work to forget and distract, even if doing so is unhealthy. This is common for those who suffer from codependency.

It doesn’t matter if it’s workaholism (an addiction to work) or a means of escape – either of these negative behaviors can greatly impact a person’s ability to do well in life. Parenting skills, relationships, and more can take a hit.

More often than not, clients dealing with work-related issues also report a desire to control. If nothing else, they have control over their work. Some say the workplace allows them to feel superior and powerful. Their self-esteem may directly correlate with how they’re treated by co-workers.

At Maui Recovery, we know that work issues are a symptom of hidden pain. By addressing problems at their core, we help clients establish a healthy work-life balance, set boundaries, and improve their sense of self.