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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs in Hawaii

Currently providing Extended Care Sober Living services only

Maui Recovery

Transformational Residential Inpatient, Extended Care & Sober Living Programs offering a full continuum of care – specializing in core emotional healing, addressing the root causes of addiction, depression, anxiety, anger & compulsive behaviors.

Releasing the Past, Healing the Wounded Child

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Maui Recovery has a strong commitment to all aspects of the healing process. The Maui Recovery Center Therapy Staff is a team of highly trained experts in addiction and emotional healing. Each of these professionals have experienced their own healing journey.

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We cannot heal what we cannot feel. Many other treatment centers attempt to arrest the addiction cycle without deeply addressing underlying trauma and pain.  Through a variety of experiential processes, our members take an active look at their childhood wounds and other painful history.

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A powerful and unique aspect of our program is a return to nature. The addiction cycle takes us out of our “nature” and into a counterfeit lifestyle. Our cultural spiritual guides and recovery staff take our members on epic life adventures which become a true inward journey to the soul.

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The Maui Recovery program is devoted to healing the Whole Self. We know that drugs and alcohol are only the symptoms of a much deeper condition. Through our monthly intensives, our facilitators take individuals through psychodrama therapy, inner child healing, as well as deep grief and trauma work, healing the wounded child within.



Our program has a high focus on living a full range healthy lifestyle. Addiction robs us of self-care in all forms including the ways we care for our body. We place significant emphasis on healthy nutrition, diet, and exercise, and how it all affects the mind and body.



Maui Recovery is an intensive program, where we take individuals through the early stages of recovery, all the way through stepping down into transitional living, mentoring, counseling and guiding through a long term recovery journey. For this to happen, we provide weekly counseling and case management through the entire stay at MRC.

Aloha and Welcome

Maui Recovery is a unique place that focuses not only on recovery from Drugs & Alcohol, but also treating and healing the root causes of addiction. Designed to provide an Ohana—a safe, nurturing, and healing environment that our residents immediately feel upon stepping into the sanctuary, our serene environment allows for a balance of solitude, peace, and rest for real healing, treatment, and inner work to happen.

Maui Recovery was created for only 17 individuals at one time and was intentionally done, so people can receive the real attention and care they deserve, especially when treatment is so expensive these days and facilities now hold 25-100+ beds.  Maui Recovery is a family run program where there is a real connection and intimacy can be cultivated and built on. We provide a total of 6 programs that are all inclusive in our curriculum toward healing the Whole Self (which can be read further on our programs page at  www.mauirecovery.com) and we have a full continuum of care from treatment to transitional living.  Maui Recovery is different from most other centers because it focuses on the cellular level, and we are known for powerful transformative therapeutic methodologies and experiential psychodrama work,  that addresses the original wound, explores the family of origins and targets underling shame, repressed anger, grief and trauma. This is the work that allows for real breakthroughs into love, grace and real healing to be experienced, and lays a foundation for  discovering self compassion.  Maui Recovery is not a another run of the mill Treatment Center, individuals receive the highest quality of staff and therapists who don’t just have a 9-5 job but are working together in unison in their true calling, living their own recovered and transformed life. At Maui Recovery, you will experience family and an opportunity to truly build a new way of life with a tribe that you can count on, healing wounds that have been buried and learn new tools that you will use to to live a healthy life, all while experiencing the beautiful nature, scenery and spirit of the great Island of Maui.

For those who need intensive clinical support while living in our Residential Home, it is provided by the Maui Recovery Center Clinical Team, an extraordinarily caring Clinical Environment with a highly trained staff. A unique aspect as compared to many other outpatient centers, is that our staff has gone through their own healing & recovery journey and care deeply about each individual that comes into our programs.

At Maui Recovery, we are devoted to healing at the Core and we know that drugs and alcohol are only the symptoms of a much deeper condition. We look at drugs and alcohol as the branches of a sick tree and once we gain some recovery from the branches, we can then focus on the real inner work and roots of the sick tree. This is what we do at Maui Recovery – we get to the real work of why we developed the addictions in the first place. Our staff was also deeply caught in the trap of this disease, shame and sabotaging patterns so we relate to our residents and know how to get to the other side. We are not unique, for there are many individuals who have crossed the desert of their darkness, confusion, and underling pain to find their wholeness, value and Promise Land.  So, when you choose Maui Recovery, you won’t get another large drug rehab facility, you will get a real human connection and experience and go deep in your healing work.

Individuals immediately begin to feel the family, spirit, and love within our community the moment they walk on the property. Our team has been through the core underlying work themselves and are living and breathing examples in their journey – living meaningful lives of purpose and calling. It is in this spirit of compassion that Maui Recovery is known and felt by our members. Because addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that involves the mind, body, and spirit, it affects the entire family. Our licensed and experienced staff integrate all six programs while embracing our members and their loved ones through research-based treatment modalities, including many holistic therapies.

We are a gender specific program and our two locations are on the south-central coast of Maui, both just one block from the warm, sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, our setting offers a private and tranquil oasis. Maui Recovery is a healthy, rich soil for individuals to do their work and grow emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically.

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Equine Therapy Program

Maui Recovery’s Equine program is a weekly program at the Ohana Ranch up beautiful upcountry Maui. Equine-facilitated psychotherapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that involves equines. The Ohana Ranch provides standards of professionalism and safety for people working in EFP.

EFP is defined as an interactive process in which a healing professional working with or as an appropriately credentialed equine professional partners with suitable equine(s) to address psychotherapy goals set forth by the mental health professional and the client.
Read more about our new Equine Therapy Program here

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Coming Soon – Seahab

Transformative Rehab at sea!

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Mana Program

A Customized 7 Day Life-Transforming Intensive Experience
Unplug. Recharge. Heal. And Change Your Life.
Learn More
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Maui Recovery Continuing Care Program

Traditional Outpatient and Digital Outpatient (Teletherapy Via Skype & Text) 
 Maui Recovery Virtual Outpatient 

Adventure Therapy in Maui

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Newly added - Aqua/ Soak Therapy

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The Maui Recovery approach to recovery is proven to help anyone suffering with addiction, alcoholism, compulsive behaviors, anxiety or depression address the core root causes to find true a healing solution. We provide dynamic experiential therapy programs along with a full clinical program that targets and treats buried and repressed emotions, shame, trauma, anger and grief, while breaking through fears and re-wiring limiting beliefs.  Maui Recovery Center Clinical Team has experience with a variety of therapies to ensure that patients receive truly customized care. We also provide experiential healing intensives flying in psychodrama & EMDR therapists, as well as life skills training, codependency classes, spirituality, mindfulness living, intimacy building, 12 step work & adventure therapy programs to help individuals find the real  healing and wholeness they are seeking.

Compassionate Care

Get to the root of the problem

Reclaim your life

Holistic Addiction Treatment
Holistic Addiction Treatment

“Before coming to Maui Recovery, I had already been to 5 treatment centers and my family spent well over $100,000. However none of them ever got to the roots of my childhood pain. Maui Recovery is unlike any place I had ever been where I actually had to go back and trace, face and erase all that was in my soul that I didn’t even know was there. It was painful, messy and it opened up feelings I had frozen for a long time. They only allow 10 people at one time so the level of intimacy and connection was something I needed to feel safe enough to do this kind of work. The work I did transformed my life and I’ve never been so alive in my worth and self esteem. I was able to identify my sabotaging patterns, understand my childhood and family system and also the shame I had deep down. I was also able to go deep enough to feel and release all the pain I was carrying around inside me. This place helped me escape the internal prisons I was in and help save my my life. Today I feel that I can truly live Free and experience the wholeness, belonging and value that I am and always was” – Jeff


Initiated by either residents or staff, our structured & intimate environment allows for unhealthy behaviors, patterns, and habits to be identified, which provides real transformation and change to take place for you or your loved one. We are able deal with the issues and problems confronting the resident and the detrimental impact the resident’s behavior, attitudes and decisions may have on their recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction, as well as how it’s impacting their life. The staff member shares their experience, strength and hope and provides feedback to the resident as a means of demonstrating to the resident how their conduct acts as a barrier to their recovery and that change is possible.


Through a variety of programs, Maui Recovery helps individuals target and address the root underlying causes of addiction, compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety and other maladaptive behaviors to experiencing true healing & recovery. We provide 24/7 supervision from our care team each and every day. Maui Recovery’s Staff creates customized programs that run 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday and offer clinical services such as Individual counseling, Group therapy, EMDR, Trauma therapy, Equine Therapy, Acupuncture, Meditation/Mindfulness, Neuro feedback, Aqua Therapy, Adventure Therapy,  Case Management and more, including access to a medical or holistic Dr if needed


Every weekend our members take supervised adventures together, from volcano hikes, stand up paddle boarding, surf therapy, jungle hikes, waterfall jumps, movies, etc. So much of staying sober is about remembering to have fun, play and have recreational activities. These trips and adventures create bonding experiences between friends who will serve as a support system for a lifetime while creating lasting and unforgettable memories.

30/60/90 DAY STAYS

We strongly recommend and encourage longer term stays, as that is where the greatest chance of lasting sobriety occurs. Most of our members come for 90 days all the way up to a year, for real transformation to occur. We do allow for 30 & 60 day stays, however, our full program that creates a real lasting change is a full 90 days. If money is ever an obstacle, don’t let that stand in your way to getting to the miracles and having the spiritual awakening you need, we will help every way we can to ensure you get what you need.


For those interested in building an entirely new life, ready to let go completely of your old life, we have a place just for you.  By the time an individual completes 90 days, they will have undergone a true transformation and be unrecognizable. They will have done very deep work, got in touch with their pain, felt and processed through repressed feelings, rescued their lost self, and are on their way to nurturing, caring and loving who they are.  After 90 days, they can step into our extended care and sober living program at Maui Recovery, staying in the same safe, nurturing and sober environment with other graduates, making the transition into life seamless and effective.


At Maui Recovery Center in Maui, Hawaii, we know that treatment is just one phase in a long process of recovering from an addiction to alcohol, substance abuse and other processed addictions. In order to ensure that our residents have the optimal support to maintain and build upon the progress that they make while in our care, we are proud to offer a safe, nurturing, sober environment with strong staff support 24/7 on property that help guide and mentor our residents, while leading by their own example.  At Maui Recovery, we have an “Ohana” which means family. Everything about our program is to create, instill and cultivate a family and bonding community, being able to re-do our family life over again, this time with others who are all on the same journey of healing and recovery. 


Our Mission

To welcome, nurture and care for individuals and families on their healing journey to recovery, empowering their restoration & transformation from addiction through providing programs that heal the Whole Self, from a shame core to a love core, cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy and purposeful living.