About Maui Recovery

Rooted in evidence, inspired by nature. At our luxury Hawaiian facility, we’re committed to nurturing enduring recovery. We pair research-backed therapies with the serene embrace of Maui’s natural beauty, channeling the healing powers of this remarkable environment.

Our Mission
For more than a decade, our mission at Maui Recovery has been to offer specialized care to individuals and families on the path to recovery from addiction and related challenges.
Our tailored programs seamlessly integrate evidence-based and experiential therapies, all focused on harnessing what we believe is each person’s innate ability to heal.
Going beyond mere symptom management, we focus on the holistic well-being of individuals, aiming to embolden those battling addiction by nurturing self-compassion, cultivating fulfilling relationships, and igniting a renewed sense of purpose in life.
To achieve this, we meticulously design personalized treatment plans, integrating a blend of proven methodologies, including evidence-based therapies like: 
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Alongside these, we incorporate dynamic, experiential approaches such as Adventure Therapy, Nature Immersion, Hero’s Journey, Surf Therapy, and Equine Therapy to create a truly comprehensive healing experience.
The Hawaiian word ‘Ohana,’ which means “coming from the same root,” refers to an inclusive and extended family. It’s a principle deeply ingrained in everything we do at Maui Recovery.
We firmly believe in every individual’s profound capacity for healing and restoration. Working together we can reverse the breakdown of mind, body, and spirit that addiction and other mental health disorders create.
Over the years, our staff has helped countless people recover from what appeared to be a hopeless position. We thrive on being given the chance to guide and support others on their path of healing and recovery.
OUR Team

Meet our team

At the forefront of holistic healing and addiction recovery, Maui Recovery boasts an exceptional clinical team.
Our staff, consisting of experienced professionals, is dedicated to instigating enduring positive transformations in the lives of all those pursuing recovery.
From expert therapists and counselors to medical practitioners, every member plays a pivotal role in guiding you toward physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Amory Mowrey

MPH | Executive Director | CASAC-T | CRPA | CARC

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Wayne Bellinger

Operations Manager

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Tricia Silva

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | Board Certified Member of the NBCC

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Kate O’Donnell

Client Wellness Manager

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Reza - Maui Recovery

Dr. Reza Danesh

Medical Director | MD

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Bradleykuo.jpeg - Maui Recovery

Dr. Bradley Kuo


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Blake Rudolf

Program Assistant

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Daniel Alas

Program Assistant

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Joshmaui - Maui Recovery


Surf Therapist

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Trained Service and Therapy Dog

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Trained Service and Therapy Dog

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Our facility

Located in the tranquil heart of Maui, we’ve cultivated an intimate haven that is the ideal setting for restoration. The idyllic surroundings complement our holistic approach, making it perfect for your recovery.
Our 8-bed facility, spread across three houses, seamlessly blends luxury with practicality and is designed to cater to anyone aged 18 and above, whether they hail from Hawaii, the Mainland, or further afield.
Maui Recovery Poolside view

Luxury rooms

Merging contemporary elegance with Hawaiian warmth, our eight luxurious rooms, with elegant décor and modern amenities, offer perfect tranquility for rest and introspection.

Serenity in nature

Our outdoor spaces, complete with pool, are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with nature, featuring lush gardens and serene pathways that invite peaceful contemplation.

Spa facilities

Our holistic wellness spa, including sauna, provides a range of treatments for total body-mind rejuvenation, promoting detoxification, deep relaxation, and mental clarity.

In the news

A&E Special

Maui Recovery was featured in this groundbreaking news special that uncovers the frightening world of digital addiction and the dramatic impact it has on those who battle it.