How We Treat

Our diverse treatment methods fall into two primary categories: Evidence-Based Treatments and Experiential Treatments.

About Our Treatments

Our programs draw from a blend of evidence-based and experiential therapies. The first is grounded in scientific research and proven effectiveness, while the second focuses on personal growth through firsthand experiences. Using our extensive expertise in both fields, we’ll tailor an approach that best suits your path to recovery.


Our clinic offers a variety of Evidence-Based Treatments—therapeutic approaches scientifically proven to be helpful in treating addiction. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), among others. Each method is backed by rigorous research, supporting its effectiveness in promoting long-term recovery.

Our skilled team of professionals tailor these treatments to each individual’s needs, carefully considering their unique experiences and challenges.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Motivational Interviewing


Alongside our Evidence-Based Treatments, we also specialize in experiential therapies. An exciting and innovative approach to recovery, these leverage stimulating and immersive activities to facilitate healing. Whether it’s Equine Therapy, Nature Immersion, or Adventure Therapy, experiential treatments harness the power of radical, new experiences, along with the natural environment, to facilitate self-transformation.

Our experienced therapists guide individuals through each process, helping to unearth and address deep-rooted emotional issues and behavioral patterns. These dynamic experiences often lead to profound insights and breakthroughs that traditional talk therapies may not access.

By integrating Experiential Treatments into our care, we foster a holistic recovery journey, tapping into the therapeutic power of experience to enhance emotional understanding and personal growth.

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Maui Recovery

Explore our sanctuary of holistic wellness, where the power of nature and evidence-based care come together. Crafted with passion and insight, our programs harness the transformative power of the island’s beauty to inspire lasting journeys of recovery.

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