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Maui Recovery understands that recovery can be difficult but is well worth the effort. Individuals who abuse amphetamines can find help at our amphetamine addiction treatment center in Hawaii.

Amphetamine Abuse in the United States

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According to a 2018 study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 11.1% of all enrolled college students were found to be misusing drugs like Adderall, which is a type of amphetamine.

Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse also showed that a quarter of people who abuse amphetamines started using the drug by the age of 13.

Maui Recovery’s Amphetamine Rehab Center

Maui Recovery’s amphetamine rehab center offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs. We are uniquely positioned to guide individuals through a transformative recovery journey against the backdrop of Maui’s awe-inspiring natural landscapes. We integrate evidence-based therapies, adventure activities, and personalized care within a small, intimate setting to foster lasting healing and empowerment.

Our program spans 30 to 90 days, providing flexible durations tailored to individual needs. With a maximum occupancy of 8 clients, each participant benefits from personalized attention within a supportive community atmosphere.

Our Programs

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment at Maui Recovery

Choosing Maui Recovery for amphetamine addiction treatment comes with many benefits and a variety of treatment options, including:

Treatment Options

Individual Counseling: Clients receive two hours of one-on-one counseling per week, complemented by an additional hour of dedicated case management. This personalized approach allows for deep exploration of underlying issues and tailored strategies for sustainable recovery.
Group Therapy: Engage in 10 hours of traditional clinical group therapy weekly, supplemented by approximately 14.5 hours of adventure therapy. Our blend of traditional and experiential therapies promotes holistic healing by addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Adventure Therapy

Maui’s natural beauty serves as an integral component of our treatment approach. Adventure activities such as hiking through lush jungles, exploring picturesque waterfalls, surfing along pristine coastlines, and seasonal whale watching offer more than just recreational opportunities—they provide transformative experiences that build confidence, foster mindfulness, and promote healthy coping mechanisms.

Aftercare Planning

At Maui Recovery, we prioritize individualized care. Our holistic treatment plans are tailored to each client’s unique needs and progress, ensuring that all aspects of their well-being are addressed during their stay and beyond. We offer comprehensive case management to facilitate smooth transitions into aftercare, including continued therapy and support resources.

Community and Alumni Engagement

Our program fosters a sense of community and belonging. Clients build meaningful connections with peers and staff, enhancing their support network both during and after treatment. Weekly onsite alumni meetings provide ongoing support and a platform for sharing experiences, further reinforcing the foundation for sustained recovery.

Through our evidence-based therapies, adventure activities, and nurturing environment, Maui Recovery empowers individuals to reclaim their lives from amphetamine addiction. Our goal is to guide each participant towards lasting recovery, equipping them with the tools and resilience needed to thrive beyond their time with us.

What Sets Us apart

Why Choose Maui Recovery For Amphetamine Treatment?

Our program goes beyond traditional therapy by integrating evidence-based treatments with adventure activities in Maui’s stunning natural environment. This holistic approach addresses not only the physical symptoms of addiction but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions, promoting comprehensive healing and growth.

Personalized Care

With a maximum capacity of just 8 clients, Maui Recovery ensures each individual receives personalized attention and care. Our treatment plans are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each client, fostering a focused and effective recovery journey.

Wide Variety of Treatment

We offer a diverse range of therapeutic modalities to cater to different aspects of recovery. Clients participate in individual counseling sessions to explore personal issues, engage in group therapy for peer support and shared learning, and experience adventure therapy to build confidence and develop positive coping strategies.

Experiential Learning

Adventure activities such as hiking through lush jungles, surfing on pristine beaches, and whale watching in the Pacific Ocean are integral components of our program. These activities are not just recreational but serve as opportunities for experiential learning, allowing clients to practice mindfulness, build resilience, and cultivate healthier lifestyles.

Stunning Environment

Our facility is nestled within Maui’s breathtaking landscapes, providing a serene and rejuvenating backdrop for healing and introspection. The natural beauty surrounding our center enhances the therapeutic experience, offering moments of tranquility and inspiration during the recovery process.

Community Support

At Maui Recovery, clients become part of a supportive community where they can connect with peers and experienced staff members who genuinely care about their well-being. This sense of community fosters mutual encouragement, empathy, and accountability, which are crucial elements of successful recovery.

Choosing Our Amphetamine Rehab Center in Hawaii

Maui Recovery offers a unique and effective approach to amphetamine addiction treatment that stands out for its holistic, personalized, and transformative qualities. By integrating evidence-based therapies with adventure activities in Maui’s stunning natural setting, we address the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery.

Our commitment to personalized care ensures that each client receives individualized attention within a supportive community environment. We tailor treatment plans to meet the specific needs and preferences of every individual, fostering focused and effective healing.

At Maui Recovery, clients benefit from a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including individual counseling, group therapy, and experiential learning through adventure activities. These experiences not only promote deeper exploration and growth but also facilitate the development of healthy coping mechanisms and life skills.

Our serene and rejuvenating environment amidst Maui’s breathtaking landscapes serves as a powerful backdrop for introspection and healing. Clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, finding moments of tranquility and inspiration that enhance the therapeutic journey.

By choosing Maui Recovery, individuals embark on a transformative path towards lasting recovery, guided by compassionate professionals committed to clinical excellence. We invite you to discover the transformative potential of our program and join us in the journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life free from amphetamine addiction.


What Are Amphetamines?

Amphetamines are categorized as stimulants. Stimulants work by using the dopamine reward system of the brain. When Amphetamines are used, the individual’s central nervous system is stimulated and produces a higher level of the neurotransmitter dopamine. The increase of dopamine creates a euphoric feeling and overall sense of wellbeing. However, such feelings are short-lived and an addiction to amphetamines can come with devastating consequences.

What Are the Symptoms of Amphetamine Abuse?

Amphetamine addiction can leave the individual and their families feeling frightened while they are stuck in an endless cycle of bingeing and crashing.

The use of Amphetamines causes different effects based on the individual and the amount of time they have been using the substance. It affects four main components of a person: Mood, behavior, physical, and psychological. Below are the most common sign effects known with addiction to amphetamines.

  • Irritability and extreme mood swings
  • Becoming hostile and aggressive towards others
  • Irregular heartbeat and blurred vision
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia or Disrupted Sleep Patterns
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Paranoia and Hallucinations
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