Motivational Interviewing (MI) was developed in the early 1980s by psychologists William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick. It was initially designed as a method to address problematic alcohol use but has since been used across various fields, including healthcare, addiction treatment, counseling, and more.

Until the emergence of MI, traditional methods often relied on confrontation or direct persuasion to motivate change. However, Miller and Rollnick observed that confrontational approaches often led to resistance and defensiveness in individuals, hindering change rather than facilitating it.

Draw motivation from within

Motivational Interviewing aims to strengthen your desire for and commitment to change by drawing motivation from deep inside. Through skillful inquiry and positive affirmations, individuals are able to better recognize their strengths, efforts, or positive qualities, building confidence and self-worth. This approach ensures that changes stem from the individuals themselves, and not external pressure. And, as it’s in a manner consistent with your personal values, this leads to a more enduring transformation.

Banish your self-doubt

For those experiencing deep-rooted ambivalence and self-doubt, Motivational Interviewing can be invaluable. It’s particularly useful when individuals find themselves mired in conflicting emotions over making significant changes to their lifestyle, when self-confidence is low, and when doubts about their abilities to adapt and overcome difficulties arise. MI can also provide clarity in moments where the benefits of a change and the limitations of your present circumstances seem lost.

Four main processes

Motivational Interviewing relies on four core processes. Firstly, it prioritizes establishing a strong rapport and trust between the interviewer and the individual (engaging). Then, it directs attention toward pinpointing clear, change-oriented objectives (focusing), before unearthing and understanding the individual’s inner drives and desires for change (evoking). Finally, both parties collaboratively design actionable steps and strategies for implementation (planning).

A collaborative approach

People are more likely to change when they feel in control of their decisions. Therefore, rather than imposing or forcing changes, Motivational Interviewing promotes a collaborative rather than confrontational relationship between counselor and individual. Such a partnership, in which you can express your thoughts and concerns freely, fosters trust and openness, and empowers individuals to take ownership of decisions, and resolve any conflicting feelings about change.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) at Maui Recovery

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is just one of many facets of our holistic approach to healing at Maui Recovery.

It forms part of our personalized treatment plans, helping individuals to summon, from deep inside themselves, the motivation and commitment needed to change their damaging behaviors.

Our tailored methodology fosters self-exploration, empowering individuals to rediscover their confidence and self-worth, shake off their ambivalence, and acknowledge their strengths, efforts and positive qualities.

Our expert therapists carefully craft a collaborative rather than confrontational dynamic, helping you to move toward your goals by drawing out and building your readiness to change in a manner consistent with your values.

Those who engage in our personalized MI sessions ensure that changes stem from within, leading to a more profound and enduring transformation.

Why choose Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, situated in the serene heart of Hawaii, your recovery journey is carefully guided by our dedicated team. Their expertise and compassionate approach pave the way for a profound transformation.

Amidst our tranquil haven, perfect for healing, you’ll learn new skills and forge connections with others on similar paths, creating a community of understanding souls.

Our highly qualified team, widely renowned for its holistic healing methods, brings vast experience to offer unwavering support, customizing your care to address your unique needs and aspirations.

It’s more than just a recovery program; it’s an immersive journey centered on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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