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Trauma is the response to a distressing or deeply disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope.

Vulnerable, Helpless, and Paranoid.

Trauma causes feelings of helplessness, lowering their sense of self and their ability to feel positive emotions and experiences. We offer a trauma treatment plan clients can use to effectively treat their condition.

Maui Recovery, We Strive to Offer Clients Trauma Treatment Tools to Help Them Heal and Feel Safe

Trauma does not discriminate. Traumatic situations that cause post-trauma symptoms vary quite dramatically from person to person. Indeed, it is very subjective, and it is important to bear in mind that it is defined more by its response than its trigger. A World Mental Health survey conducted found that at lead a third of the more 125,000 people surveyed had experienced trauma.

Not all treatment centers have the expertise and equipment to handle such situations. It is imperative that you ask the treatment center you are seeking for you or your loved one whether they have expertise and experience in treating mental health issues. Maui Recovery can provide assurance you need that we understand mental health concerns and how to help an individual recover.

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