Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed in the late 1980s by psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan. This therapeutic approach is commonly used to treat various mental health conditions, such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, and other mood disorders.

Blending elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with concepts from dialectics, mindfulness, and acceptance-based strategies, DBT validates the client’s experiences while simultaneously promoting change-oriented strategies.

At Maui Recovery, we believe DBT is a highly effective treatment. For that reason, it forms a key part of what we do here.

Effective for various mental conditions

Dialectical Behavior Therapy was originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD). As this condition’s main characteristics (intense emotional instability, impulsivity, difficulties in relationships, and self-harming behaviors) are common in a number of other mental health conditions, DBT can be successfully used to address various challenges. These include addiction, depression, trauma, eating disorders, and other mood disorders.

Better emotional regulation

DBT teaches individuals struggling with destructive behaviors, many of which stem from extreme situations or intense feelings, both acceptance and practical strategies to help regulate their emotions. Successfully labeling and understanding your emotions makes finding patterns and identifying triggers easier. This, along with learning healthier coping mechanisms, empowers individuals to achieve better emotional regulation over time.

Improved distress tolerance

DBT equips individuals with practical tools to handle distressing situations more effectively. It encourages acknowledging and accepting reality as it is so that you can process difficult emotions without judgment and refrain from impulsive reactions. Through crisis survival skills, individuals learn to deal successfully with short-term or long-term pain, navigate crises without resorting to harmful behaviors, and focus on self-soothing methods or healthy distractions.

Mindfulness, a major component

Mindfulness is a crucial element of DBT. It aids emotional regulation and promotes self-awareness by teaching individuals to observe their thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the “here and now” without reacting impulsively. By being aware of their emotions, individuals learn to respond effectively rather than reactively. This contributes significantly to emotional well-being, encouraging self-acceptance and a more compassionate view of one’s thoughts and emotions.

Better communication

DBT assists individuals in mastering crucial interpersonal skills, such as how to communicate assertively, set boundaries, and express needs without aggression or passivity. It also emphasizes empathy, active listening, and conflict resolution techniques, promoting healthier relationships and effective social interactions. Overall, DBT equips individuals with the tools to navigate relationships more skillfully and maintain more fulfilling connections.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy at Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a cornerstone of our holistic healing approach. Our specialized DBT program is designed to empower individuals by equipping them with practical skills to effectively navigate life’s challenges.

Under the guidance of our expert therapists, clients engage in tailored DBT sessions, learning to embrace mindfulness, regulate emotions, improve relationships, and develop effective coping strategies. 

Through our personalized approach, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining tools to manage emotions and behaviors while fostering a resilient mindset.

At Maui Recovery, DBT serves as a catalyst for transformative change, empowering individuals on their path to lasting recovery and personal growth.

Why choose Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, our commitment to your healing journey begins with our exceptional clinical team, a group of seasoned professionals leading the forefront of holistic healing and addiction recovery.

With a wealth of experience and credentials, our team ensures that your care is personalized to address your unique challenges and aspirations, prioritizing comprehensive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As you embark on your path to recovery, our clinical team stands as your unwavering support system, providing expertise and empathy essential for your transformation.

Our idyllic location in the heart of Hawaii contributes not only to the overall healing experience but also promotes a sense of calm and tranquility.

You’ll also discover a community of like-minded individuals on similar journeys within this serene setting, providing real-time opportunities to practice newfound skills and foster camaraderie.

It’s more than just a treatment program; it’s an immersive, life-changing experience.

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