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“Codependency is a circular relationship in which one person needs the other person, who in turn, needs to be needed. The codependent person, known as ‘the giver,’ feels worthless unless they are needed by — and making sacrifices for — the enabler, otherwise known as ‘the taker.” – Dr. Exelberg

What exactly is Codependency?

According to Jonathan Becker who is an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee,

“Codependency is typically discussed in the context of substance use, where one person is abusing the substance, and he or she depends on the other person to supply money, food, or shelter. But Codependency is much broader than that. Codependency can be defined as any relationship in which two people become so invested in each other that they cannot function independently anymore. Your mood, happiness, and identity are defined by the other person. In a codependent relationship, there is usually one person who is more passive and cannot make decisions for themselves and a more dominant personality who gets some reward and satisfaction from controlling the other person and making decisions about how they will live.”

Codependent personalities typically follow a pattern of behaviors that are consistent, problematic, and directly interfere with the individual’s emotional health and ability to find fulfillment in a relationship.

They will feel as if you have lost a sense of themselves within the relationship.
If you or someone you know is struggling, we are here for you. Maui Recovery specializes in treatment for Codependency by creating a unique program that aims to help every individual recognize behavioral issues that they are dealing with.

Signs of Codependency can include the following:

  • They are valuing the approval of others more than valuing themselves.
  • They have an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions of others.
  • They have fears of abandonment or an obsessive need for approval.
  • They will sorry for the other person even when they hurt them.
  • They will struggle to find time for themselves, especially if their free time consistently goes to the other person.

Codependency can develop in all sorts of relationships, such as:

  • Parent-child.
  • Partner-partner.
  • Spouse-spouse.
  • Coworker-boss.

In 2006 a small survey by Lisa Romano was created on Google to try to understand what people feel and how we secretly feel about ourselves. The results came from 1,000 individuals and consisted of answers from over 200 countries.

What her survey found was that:

94% of the individuals feel invisible and unheard.
85% secretly feel like they are unworthy of love, peace, abundance, and happiness.
82% secretly worry more about the needs of others than of their own.

People with Codependency have good intentions. The problem is that their “rescue” attempts allow the other individual to continue with their destructive behavior.

Maui Recovery’s Codependency Treatment Plan Considers the Implications and Difficulty for Recovery.

Many medical professionals alike avidly treat and view Codependency as a ‘family disease.’ This is due to the relationship dynamics that go along with Codependency. There are typically emotional, mental, and physical issues are exacerbated by the disease. One of the biggest problems clients face is simply the urge to fall back into old habits. The significant components of success rely on being consistent and level-headed. Our recovery program incorporates recognizing behavioral issues and offers treatment to long-term success.

The four steps for Codependency recovery:

  • Sobriety from drugs or alcohol.
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of the codependent relationship.
  • It is accepting the unhappiness and suffering that has come from the relationship.
  • Changing unhealthy behaviors.
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When you choose Maui Recovery, you will get something authentic, genuine, intimate, and something that works.

Maui Recovery is a unique place that focuses not only on recovery but also on finding, treating, and healing the root causes of whatever the individual is struggling with. Our program was designed to provide an Ohana—a safe, nurturing, and healing environment that our residents immediately feel upon stepping onto the sanctuary. Our serene environment allows for a balance of solitude, peace & rest for natural healing, treatment, and inner work to happen.

Our center is located on the south-central coast of Maui, just one block from the warm, sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Our setting offers a private and tranquil oasis for individuals seeking their treatment, those seeking healing of the Whole Self, as well as those who are newly sober individuals who are developing and nurturing themselves in their recovery while practicing their tools, new life skills, and continuing their inner work, all of which keeps the environment thriving with healthy energy, connection, intimacy, and a family spirit where deep bonds are made.

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