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Typically characterized by being involved in a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship where one person relies heavily on the other for meeting their daily needs. It is important to receive codependency treatment when these issues arise.

Codependent Relationships Can Include Irresponsible, Addictive, or Underachieving Behavior

In this type of relationship, one person gets all their emotional and self-esteem needs met by the other person.

Maui Recovery’s Codependency Treatment Plan Considers The Implications and Difficulty for Recovery

The term codependency has been around for decades. Although it originally applied to supposes of alcoholics and addicts, research has revealed that the characteristics of codependents were much more prevalent in the general population. In fact, they found that if you were raised in a codependent relationship by your parents, you are likely to become codependent yourself. Research also found that codependent symptoms got worse if left untreated.

Many medical professionals alike avidly treat and view codependency as a ‘family disease’. This is because of the relationship dynamics that go along with codependency. There are typically emotional, mental, and physical issues are exacerbated by the disease. One of the biggest problems clients face is simply the urge to fall back into old habits. The major components of success rely on being consistent and level-headed. Our recovery program incorporates recognizing behavioral issues and offers treatment to a long-term success.

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