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Thought Disorder

When a person is experiencing odd behavioral choices or disorganized speech, they may want to begin seeking thought disorder treatment.

Disorganized Thoughts, Confusing Behavior, Trouble Communicating. 

Thought disorder can mean a lot more than just confusing thought or odd behaviors. They can often be a sign a deeper issues within an individual.

Maui Recovery Has the Right Team and Ability When It Comes to Thought Disorder Treatment.

Thinking normally involves multiple parts: thinking about something, stringing together thoughts and delivery of the thought pattern. A thought disorder disrupts one or more of these thought processes. Thought Disorder is a hallmark feature of schizophrenia but is also associated with other conditions including mood disorders, dementia, mania, and neurological diseases.

When an individual simultaneously experiences multiple disorders, it can make the road to mental health recovery much more difficult. Dealing with multiple disorders does not mean making a full recovery is impossible. The right help can help make all the difference. Maui Recovery has programs by trained personnel who deal with co-occurring disorders regularly.

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