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At Maui Recovery, our drug and alcohol treatment programs provide clients with a safe and complete withdrawal that will help clients transition to the next phase of treatment. The process is comforted by the peace and beauty of Maui Hawaii. Our treatment center is situated 500 ft from the ocean, in the charming town of Kihei. Maui Recovery is also conveniently located near Kalama State Park, Kahului Airport, and walking distance to cafes and local shops.  


Clients in our drug and alcohol treatment programs can convalesce in comfort as they receive 24/7 monitoring and support for their withdrawal symptoms by a team of caring, experienced clinicians. Our clients have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

Here is what to expect from our drug and alcohol treatment program:

  • A thorough medical and clinical assessment upon admission
  • A customized plan of care for your treatment needs
  • 24/7 supervision of withdrawal symptoms
  • Renowned high safety standard, including 1:1 monitoring for clients who need it
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment for co-occurring mental disorders
  • Treatment conveniently administered at our peaceful facility located 500 feet from the ocean and miles of quiet beach
  • Compassionate and experienced addiction professionals who put your comfort first and care for you with dignity and respect
  • Participation in recovery groups and other therapies as soon as you’re able
  • Evidence-based clinical interventions

About Dr. Reza Danesh, MD

Dr. Reza Danesh is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician with extensive training in treating patients going through acute withdrawals from alcohol and drugs. Dr. Danesh completed his residency at UCLA and has worked at world class hospitals including Cedars-Sinai and Seattle’s UW Harbor View Medical Center.

Maui Recovery’s drug and alcohol treatment programs are characterized by unique features that help to explain why our success rate consistently outperforms the industry average.

Our Track Record in the Community as a Trusted Hawaii Provider – Maui Recovery is known locally for its high safety standards. Our staff can and do provide one-on-one, 24/7 medical monitoring to clients who need it. We also have strong working relationships with clinics in the area, which regularly refer clients to us. 

Our Facility and Location – Our state-of-the-art facility offers a full continuum of substance abuse care, all within the safety and convenience of one peaceful, self-contained campus in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

Low Client-Therapist Ratio – One way that we strive to measure, cultivate and continually improve therapeutic excellence is by providing a very low client-therapist ratio. In contrast to other drug treatment providers in Hawaii and nationwide, Maui Recovery offers a low client-therapist ratio. This ensures more personalized attention to treatment needs, even during group therapy sessions.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change – We’ve incorporated those “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” into the clinical protocols of Maui Recovery. Unplugging from our devices, developing a sense of healing community, physical exercise, immersing oneself in nature–those things alone can be more therapeutic than sitting for an hour in a therapist’s chair and venting about your life. TLC includes:

  • Regular daily exercise
  • Plenty of natural sunlight
  • Ample sleep every night
  • Eating an Omega-3 rich diet
  • Being involved in some type of social activity where social connections were made
  • Participation in meaningful tasks that leave little time for negative thoughts or rumination

Of course, there is value to traditional psychotherapy, which our master’s level clinicians also do at Maui Recovery–but there is something even more special, more healing–and more transformative–when combined with nature immersion and the above-mentioned Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

Nature immersion alone is an evidence-based intervention. Having adventures in the magical beauty of Maui–hiking up Haleakala, diving off of a waterfall, enjoying a majestic sunset–all have therapeutic value. Especially for people that have fallen into toxic and self-destructive and addictive habits.

Indeed, outdoor nature immersion, also known as “Adventure Therapy” has been researched as OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare), more typically associated with adolescent wilderness-style programs, but which also applies to the nature immersion and adventure therapy we are doing in Maui.

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