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Can I Overcome My Addiction To Drugs?

Yes, you can overcome your addiction to drugs. Maybe you have been to rehab programs before, but when you re-entered the “real world,” you were not fully equipped to handle it. You relapsed and were thrown into the never-ending cycle of drug addiction. Drug addiction will completely take over your life if you allow it. Our goal is to help you obtain all the necessary tools you require to live a drug-free life.

Addiction, by its very definition, is the enslavement to a habit that is physically or psychologically habit-forming. Being enslaved by a drug habit has many negative consequences. With the proper help and support, you will be able to overcome your addiction.

What kind of drug rehab in Hawaii do I want?

You want to find a drug treatment facility that will be able to help you with your addiction long-term. There are several facts to consider when choosing a drug rehab program.

  • Drug addiction is manageable and treatable
  • Several factors determine whether a person becomes addicted to drugs. Some genetic, environmental, and developmental factors will influence addiction.
  • Drug addiction is a chronic disease. It can be challenging to control.
  • Repeated drug use cause changes in the brain, affecting self-control.
  • Drug flood the brain with dopamine which creates a pleasurable feeling

A good drug rehab program will be comfortable customizing a treatment plan for you. The goal should be to regain your life and live it drug-free once you are released from their facility.

You will want a drug rehab program that has a medical detox program. Medical detox is a crucial step for you on your way to living a drug-free life. You will want to be able to rid your body of the drugs you have been taking and do it in an assisted, safe place. Professional physicians and nurses will run a medical detox program, and they will be able to administer certain medications to help you during this stage.

What therapies can I expect?

You will receive different therapies, depending on your needs. There will be individual therapy, group therapy, and your program will include some Behavioral Therapy. A therapist will use techniques to address unwanted behaviors, and you will have some assertiveness training so you can respectfully communicate with others without being disrespectful. You will learn how to relax and calm yourself so you can handle stressful events. You will learn what reinforced your poor choices and behavior and learn not to let yourself be “triggered.” You will also need to learn how to handle yourself in real-world situations and not make your “old habits” resurface.

An excellent drug rehab center in Hawaii is Maui Recovery. They want you to get clean and drug-free so that you can take back your life. Your success is their goal. Give us a call at (877) 317-8260 or feel free to send us an e-mail at