8 Ways to Have Sober Fun in Maui

Sober Living and Activities in Hawaii Outdoor activities are a major cornerstone of our overall program at Maui Recovery – we believe that one of the main reasons we get sober is…

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Sober Living and Activities in Hawaii

Outdoor activities are a major cornerstone of our overall program at Maui Recovery – we believe that one of the main reasons we get sober is so that we can enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest! From hiking and kayaking to whale watching and stand-up paddle boarding, we incorporate as many fun and fulfilling sober activities as we can into our daily schedule. One of the blessings of beginning your personal journey of addiction recovery in such a gorgeous environment is the integrated accessibility of countless adventures and explorations. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 8 ways to have good, clean, sober fun on this striking island. Take a look, and feel free to add your own to the list!

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Sober Fun in Maui

  • Go snorkeling.

Believe it or not, snorkeling is one of the cheapest outdoor activities Maui has to offer – you can rent gear for only a couple of dollars! And the offshore snorkeling is truly unparalleled, no matter where you are on the island. We recommend checking out the snorkeling at Molokini Crater, seeing as the area is home to an abundance of sea life and its waters are protected.

  • Hike in Hana.

The drive to Hana is absolutely breathtaking, though 5 hours spent navigating winding roads may not be the most viable excursion for the weak-of-stomach. Fortunately, the road is lined with numerous hiking trails, which will lead you to waterfalls, ocean cliffs, and a wide array of additional scenery. Take a day-long hike and spend ample time appreciating the beauty of Hawaii, while taking in views that will rejuvenate your spirit and instill a deeper sense of gratitude for the world around you.

  • Explore some waterfalls.

Grab a few friends, pack a picnic, and go for a day trip to one of the hundreds of beautiful natural waterfalls scattered across the island. The falls at Wailele Farm (also known as Twin Falls), are easily accessible and open to the public. As part of our treatment program at Maui Recovery, we take our clients on many day excursions to experience the waterfalls for themselves – though investigating this natural phenomenon is an ideal activity for those at any point in their recovery.

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  • Check out the lava tubes.

Ancient lava flow throughout Maui left behind some of the most interesting and unique caves and tubes on the planet, all easily accessible through guided tours or self-guided exploration. If you are looking to explore the lava tubes on our own, take a trip to Wai’anapanapa State Park. Here you can safely inspect one of the largest tubes on the island, which is nestled in the side of a cliff on one of Maui’s magical black sand beaches. This cliff overlooks the expansive ocean, making it a beautiful place to meditate and appreciate all of the imitable natural marvels Hawaii has to offer.

  • Go camping in Lanai.

There is no shortage of things to do in Lanai – and the area is known for having some of the best camping in Hawaii. Lanai is also home to some of the best scuba diving locations in the state – so pack your gear or come prepared to rent! Like snorkeling, scuba diving is a relatively inexpensive way to have authentic, sober fun.

  • Watch the sunrise.

While catching the sunrise in any part of Maui is likely to be breathtaking and unforgettable, climbing to the top of Haleakala Crater before the sun peeks above the sea is an experience unlike any other. Waking up before the sunrise is probably a pretty unfamiliar event, especially for those in early recovery. Take advantage of the joys of waking up without a pounding headache, and breathe the fresh morning air deep into your lungs as you express gratitude for finally being able to appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

  • Check out some historic churches.

Churches? Yes, as it turns out, Maui is absolutely brimming with beautiful, ornate churches – some dating back to the early 1800s. Not only is church a great place to develop a further grasp on your personal spirituality, but attending a new church is a great way to make friends. And if sitting through a sermon isn’t your thing, checking out the architecture and exploring the rich history can be just as fulfilling.

  • Go kayaking.

We at Maui Recovery strongly encourage our clients to participate in kayaking as part of our adventure therapy program. Those in recovery tend to find this outdoor activity provides an ideal time for meditation and self-reflection, helping to bolster spirituality and interconnectedness. There are hundreds of ideal kayaking spots all throughout the island, where you can further observe the ornate sea life or merely drift and enjoy feeling the warm sunshine on your face.

At Maui Recovery, one of our main goals is to teach recovering addicts how to have fun and thoroughly enjoy their newfound lives. We incorporate the beautiful natural surroundings into our specialized recovery program, teaching healing and recuperation through interconnectedness with the world around us. For more information on our specific program of recovery, please give us a call today at 800-919-2066.

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