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Finding the right facility in Hawaii, let alone the treatment plan, can seem like an overwhelming task for anyone seeking recovery. However researching and comparing the options for yourself or a loved…

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Finding the right facility in Hawaii, let alone the treatment plan, can seem like an overwhelming task for anyone seeking recovery. However researching and comparing the options for yourself or a loved one is crucial in finding the right choice. Treatment facilities that aim in creating a variety of Adventure Therapy opportunities where clients can also experience a potentially life-saving “shift” should also be considered in your search. Some forms of Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii can include: Snorkeling, Hiking, Outrigger Canoeing, and even Agricultural Farming within the community. Successful treatment facilities in Hawaii, like Maui Recovery, take a different approach to therapy by removing the clinical setting and focusing on experiencing change in a more natural setting. Hence the use of Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii, one that combines both evidence and experiment based programs for successful recovery.  

Successful Forms Of Adventure Therapy Treatment In Hawaii

In your search for the best treatment centers in Hawaii, you will find many offer some common forms of treatment available. Treatments that are used for successful recovery include; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). While these evidence-based forms of therapy are successful, there are other forms of treatment that are holistic and experiment-based and are not commonly offered. These unique forms of self discovery treatment and whole healing can provide amazing results in self care and self love. Both essential for sobriety, positive mental health, and life-long lasting recovery. Hawaii hosts the perfect landscape and environment for these forms of unique therapy because the ocean, well Mother Nature, is necessary. Some examples of Adventure Therapy Treatment in Hawaii include Nature Immersion, Surf Therapy, Equine Therapy, Outrigger Canoeing, and even Community Agricultural Farming. Benefits that come with a treatment facility in Hawaii, such as Maui Recovery, are that THEY DO include unique therapies that utilize their idyllic location. Below are some examples of the different Adventure Therapy treatments offered by the best facilities in Hawaii:

Adventure Therapy – This type of therapy promotes rehabilitation, growth, development, and enhancement of an individual’s physical, social, and psychological well-being through the application of structured activities involving direct experience. Adventure therapy includes the use of activities supported by traditional therapy. Digging a bit deeper, it appears that immersing and interacting with natural spaces, such as the beach specifically, offers unique therapeutic benefits too. The beach, with its beautiful and soothing ocean views, can have a positive effect on individuals seeking healing and recovery. Just simply by being near the ocean’s presence can have beneficial results for any clients suffering. The mere sound of the water and waves crashing against the shore combined with the calming scents and sights near the ocean can work to help balance the body and mind. At Maui Recovery for example, we provide Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii where clients can experience a potentially life-saving “shift” within themselves. 

Nature Immersion: So often, the person struggling with addiction and/or poor mental health feels lost and devoid of a healthy sense of self or purpose in their lives. Nature Immersion can be powerful and transformative when the struggling person begins to understand the deeper significance of certain experiences. Nature has been shown, in a multitude of studies, to be both beneficial and important for positive mental health. These studies have shown that as long as people feel safe, time spent in Nature is an antidote for stress. It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. Whether it be the quieting of the Ego/Mind, separation from a triggering environment, or listening to soothing sights and sounds- Nature Immersion helps to reconnect within. Therefore, allowing opportunity to find the root cause(s) of which self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and/or addiction were allowed to grow internally in the first place. 

Surf Therapy Option – The physical challenges of surfing parallel the emotional and mental processes that many clients struggling have long avoided. For those who are removing themselves from depression for example, surfing is a metaphor for balance. Therefore, allowing clients to think outside the box as they learn how to balance their internal processes. A very recent development is psychotherapy treatment, Surf Therapy has proven to be quite a successful option in recovery for mental health.Today, psychiatrists find relevant uses for Surf Therapy programs to treat depression, substance abuse, and even game and gambling addiction. It is widely used for veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), combat stress, addiction, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other life-threatening injuries. From a scientific standpoint, ocean water can have a calming effect on the human mind because it is filled with positive ions. Combined with natural characteristics of color, (blue has the ability to distress the mind and make us feel at ease) the beach is a perfect place for Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii.

Equine Therapy Option – Equine Therapy also helps a suffering individual learn about the importance of boundary setting when in recovery for serious disorders. Horses are not shy when it comes to letting someone know when their personal boundaries have been crossed. If you approach a horse with aggression, they will communicate with you instantly that your behavior is not acceptable. Also, if you are too emotionally detached, communication with the horse will become a struggle. Individuals in recovery may struggle to set healthy boundaries at first, but Equine Therapy allows clients to practice this skill-set. While there is no replacement for counseling, this type of therapy can be a wonderful addition to Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii at a facility that offers it.  

Outrigger Canoeing – ​​If you have ever seen a postcard from Hawaii, you’ve probably seen an outrigger canoe. The long, sleek vessels are traditional canoes Hawaiians have used for centuries. Today, they’re used for everything from whale watching to racing. If someone is in need of treatment and also interested in marine life, history, and culture- Outrigger Canoeing is an excellent Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii. Clients can learn about the islands of Hawaii right from its beautiful waters, combined with a thrilling ocean adventure that can help to reconnect with life all around them. Studies have shown for years that Immersion into nature can have profound effects on our well being as living in a chaotic world. Sometimes taking an individual stuck in a negative place into a trance-like state where they can clear their mind of the dark thoughts. Hence, the opportunity for healing with Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii! 

Community Agricultural Farming – A rare Adventure Therapy treatment in Hawaii worth mentioning is one only found at Maui Recovery. Particularly to Maui Recovery alone, George Kahumoku Jr, is a multiple Grammy & Hoku Award winning master Slack Key Guitarist. Also known as “Hawaii’s Renaissance Man”, he is a vocalist, songwriter, performer, teacher, artist and sculptor, storyteller and writer, farmer, and entrepreneur. Clients at Maui Recovery assist on his farm in Kahakoloa, which is a sacred native Hawaiian Area. Clients get to partake in agricultural work on the farm during the day and share a meal from what they harvested at night. George and some of his family members perform live music while everyone enjoys a meal together to finish the cultural experience. After the meal, George performs music for our clients and Facebook live with literally millions of followers watching.

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