Equine Therapy In Hawaii On The Island Of Maui

What better place is there to heal than with Equine Therapy in Hawaii on the island of Maui. Nature has always had a profound effect on civilizations, on human beings since the…

Equine Therapy in Maui - Maui Recovery

What better place is there to heal than with Equine Therapy in Hawaii on the island of Maui. Nature has always had a profound effect on civilizations, on human beings since the beginning of time. But, did you know that animals, specifically horses, also have a profound effect on our mental health? In fact, since the time of the ancient Greeks around 400 BC, horses have been used in therapeutic modalities for suffering individuals. The “Father of Medicine” (Greek physician Hippocrates) himself, wrote about the therapeutic potential of horseback riding alone. Since then, relationships between human beings and horses have been studied and incorporated into modern medical practices, both physical and mental. Over time it is no surprise then that animals have become tamed, and therefore pets and/or part of our families. Animals offer a unique and an extraordinary amount of emotional support for those individuals struggling with various mental health disorders. Hence why animals have then been used in different therapeutic settings because they provide help to suffering individuals wanting to navigate challenging emotional experiences. Therein lies the question, what is equine therapy and how can it change myself or a loved one’s life?

What Equine Therapy Is Exactly

Many people view horses as physically intimidating because of their massive size and strength alone. But, this particular reaction is completely normal for individuals, and can also provide them with a powerful opportunity to overcome their feelings of fear and self doubt. Unfortunately, years of pain can leave suffering individuals with a sense of helplessness and vulnerability. Which is where the question, what is Equine Therapy comes into the picture. Equine Therapy can be explained as horse-assisted psychotherapy that incorporates these specific animals into the therapeutic process for the individual. Years of untreated mental health issues and substance abuse can cause individuals to become emotionally distant and anxious during social situations. Therein lies the core of the problem- the absence of healthy communication. Horses may not be able to communicate with words like humans, but their ability to sense vibrations, feelings, and intentions of those around them does in fact make them excellent communicators. Clients can and will engage in activities such as exercising, feeding, grooming, and leading a horse while being supervised by a mental health professional. Providing this type of care can often be therapeutic, providing amazing benefits to the individual involved. Equine Therapy in Hawaii helps establish routines and structure, and help the individual build empathy from the acts of caring and nurturing performed.

The Benefits That Come From Working With Horses And Equine Therapy

Most importantly, Equine Therapy in Hawaii offers the opportunity to reclaim a suffering individual’s strength that was taken from them. The benefits that come from utilizing Equine Therapy are plentiful, and there are several different reasons to consider working with horses as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. These being the skill sets they can provide for suffering individuals; such as emotional awareness, healthy boundary setting, and better communication. Most often, the recovering individual receives help in creating a better understanding of their own communication patterns, and therefore, how those patterns can be improved. While the massive size and strength of a horse can be intimidating, their presence may also provide a sense of peace. Horses only will react to the client’s behavior and emotions, with no threat of bias or any judgment of their emotional experience. Horses can also serve as an emotional mirror, where if an individual approaches them with fear, then the horse will inevitably become frightened. While on the other hand, if an individual greets them with confidence and love, then the horse will be put at ease. Equine Therapy Maui can help build emotional awareness, impulse control, trust and empathy, self confidence, adaptability, responsibility, as well as social and problem solving skills. Again, what better place to self heal than in paradise alongside beautiful animals. While there is no replacement for counseling, Equine Therapy in Hawaii can be a wonderful addition to any comprehensive treatment center.

What Makes Horses Most Unique In Comparison To Other Animals

People in recovery often find it hard to set healthy boundaries, which is why Equine Therapy in Hawaii can be so beneficial for those struggling. Horses become the most popular animal to use in animal therapy because they give immediate feedback to the handler or rider’s actions. Because horses are prey animals, they are constantly on the lookout for danger and respond quickly with either confrontation or flight. Horses are not shy when it comes to letting someone (including other horses) know when their personal boundaries have been crossed. This instinct allows for a deeper level of intervention with a therapist that surpasses any other mental health modality. For example, when an individual approaches a horse with aggression, the horse will have no problem communicating with them that their behavior is felt and unacceptable. While on the other hand, if the individual is too emotionally detached then the communication with the horse will be a struggle. Again, horses are extremely perceptive and communicate with body language to convey fear, anger, calmness, or anxiety. Making them an excellent choice for use alongside mental health treatment and recovery.

The physical aspects of horseback riding with Equine Therapy in Hawaii are used to develop physical strength and muscle development, including other physical benefits which are unique to horses. But, the key part of choosing Equine Therapy is the relationship between human and horse, as it can strengthen both mind and spirit. When partnered with a horse, the struggling individual is practicing vulnerability and asking the horse to enter into a relationship with them that requires mutual trust. Through the horse’s reactivity, the individual seeking treatment and the therapist both are able to examine and process behavioral reactions or emotional incongruencies. This requires the individual to be present and mindful as to what is unfolding, and to be transparent about reactions. At Maui Recovery, Equine Therapy Maui allows our clients to practice this particular skill set of boundaries setting to help reclaim their life.

Equine Therapy In Hawaii On The Island Of Maui

At Maui Recovery, we welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from addiction. All while providing successful programs and treatments located in Hawaii, on the beautiful and majestic island of Maui. We offer dynamic programs that address the Whole Self, transforming a shame core to a love core that cultivates meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living. One of our most amazing programs and treatment modalities offered can be found in what is Equine Therapy. Those who seek recovery are most often living in a lifestyle and environment that is not conducive for their self-esteem, pride, and self-worth. And an unfortunate fact, most individuals in recovery will likely struggle with feelings of worthlessness and shame. Hence the importance of Equine Therapy Maui, an incredible experience to help individuals reconnect with nature and therefore themselves. Equine Therapy gives individuals seeking recovery the opportunity to remind themselves that THEY ARE WORTH IT. By caring for and building trust with horses, individuals can reaffirm within themselves that they can have a positive influence on others. At Maui Recovery we provide the best dynamic and unique treatments, such as Equine Therapy in Hawaii, to help our clients reclaim living their best life.

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