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Most people often associate recovery from alcoholism with the loose termed option of ‘alcohol rehab’. But, what some may not realize is that there are also luxury alcohol treatment centers that provide…

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Most people often associate recovery from alcoholism with the loose termed option of ‘alcohol rehab’. But, what some may not realize is that there are also luxury alcohol treatment centers that provide the same conventional and known forms of treatment with a twist. Luxury centers most often include: accommodations that are private and spacious, private mental health treatment programs and therapies, integrated health care treatment, top mental health professionals and experienced staff members, round-the-clock patient care and guidance. Some luxury alcohol rehab centers even provide unique Nature Immersion Activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and outrigging canoeing. While luxury centers may seem like an unaffordable option, in today’s world there are some programs that can offer assistance to clients using Insurance and payment plans. No matter the cost, finding the best alcohol treatment addiction services for yourself or a loved one suffering from alcohol addiction is priceless when recovery is the end result. Learning about alcoholism and how it negatively affects one’s life is why an escape to a luxury alcohol treatment center is just what the doctor ordered.

The Serious Concern That Is Alcoholism

Alcoholism is one of the most severe and persistent substance abuse related issues throughout the United States, and most likely the world. A chronic disease characterized by uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol, alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Shockingly enough, most people engage in heavy drinking without even knowing they indeed fit the description of alcohol abuse. Technically, alcoholism is the consumption of two or more alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. While on the other hand, binge drinking is defined as the consumption of five or more drinks over the course of one sitting. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, and Alcoholism over 36% of college students reported that they engaged in binge drinking in the past month. Over 20% of the vast majority of those who struggle with binge drinking will also experience symptoms associated with alcohol addiction. Interestingly enough, one study conducted in 2011 found that addictive binge drinking rates were twice as high among men then they were among women. Alcohol treatment addiction services can help address the serious concern that is alcoholism. The future of our generations lies in awareness and healing within, which affects not only families but communities and the world as well.

What Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers May Also Offer For Clients

Finding the best alcohol rehab is not an easy task for some, as accepting a problem to begin with is a battle in itself. Although cost is one of the biggest factors in choosing an alcohol rehab, the old saying “You get what you pay for.” couldn’t be of more relevance. Some of the greatest benefits that come with choosing luxury alcohol treatment centers are the unique ways they offer recovery using unconventional options. For example, Maui Recovery is just that- a road to recovery in paradise that boasts vastly varied landscapes on an actual island! Twin Falls is a popular and healing area that crystallizes the depths of the island’s diversity for example. Visitors are often amazed by the teeming forests and stunning foliage and rare treasures, all of which is fueled by the abundant rain that showers down on the Ho’olawa Valley. Immersion in mother nature has proven to be healing at a core level, especially for those battling substance and alcohol addiction. Other alcohol treatment addiction services at luxury centers sometimes include:

Nature Immersion: So often, the struggling alcohol addicted individual feels lost and devoid of a healthy sense of self or purpose in their lives. Nature immersion can be even more powerful and transformative when the struggling person begins to understand the deeper significance of certain experiences. Whether it be the quieting of the Ego/Mind, separation from a triggering environment, or listening to soothing sights and sounds- Nature Immersion helps to heal.

Equine Therapy: It comes as no surprise that the animal and human connection has proven to be a very powerful experience for both parties. Horses may not be able to use words like us, but their ability to sense the feelings and intentions of those around them makes them great communicators. Equine Therapy can help create a better understanding of your communication patterns and how they can improve. By caring for and building trust with horses, our clients can reaffirm within themselves that they can have a positive influence on others and build trust within themselves.

Surf Therapy: A very recent development is psychotherapy treatment that is widely used for veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), combat stress, depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other life-threatening injuries. Today, addiction psychiatrists find relevant uses for Surf Therapy to treat Substance Abuse and other Mental Health issues. Outrigging Canoeing is also a water inspired therapy that combines a thrilling ocean adventure with fascinating information about Hawaiian culture and endemic marine life. Perfect for families, groups, couples or solo travelers seeking the adventure therapy experience of a lifetime.

Why Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers Should Be Considered

The concerning fact is, that over 88,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death. Still, the vast majority of those who struggle with detrimental drinking patterns and alcohol abuse fail to seek the help they need and deserve. Alcohol treatment addiction services are imperative for individuals seeking a path of guidance toward recovery in claiming back their life. Treatments and tools used by an alcohol rehab help to replace unhealthy habits and triggers with healing and self loving habits. Trained professionals with personal experience also prove to be helpful in the recovery process. Whether you or a loved one find themselves dependent on alcohol to get through the day, help is available and ready. Luxury alcohol treatment centers are an extraordinary step in the right direction of motivating oneself to living their best life. Contact Maui Recovery today and begin your treatment today, Call (877) 317-8260

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