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The Best Drug Recovery Retreat Center Finding the Hawaii best drug recovery retreat  center  to suit all of your personal needs and preferences may seem to be quite an overwhelming process. There…

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The Best Drug Recovery Retreat Center

Finding the Hawaii best drug recovery retreat  center  to suit all of your personal needs and preferences may seem to be quite an overwhelming process. There are hundreds of centers nationwide to choose from, and all of them seem to offer an incomparable array of services and amenities. When choosing an inpatient recovery retreat center, it is important that you look beyond the eye-catching advertisements and alluring stock photography. Look for a facility that truly offers all of the services you require in order to make a comprehensive and lasting recovery. Do yourself a favor and delve into extensive and informed research before you make any final decisions. And be sure to ask yourself the following questions before you commit to a drug treatment center in Hawaii. This is the beginning of the rest of your life – be sure the foundation you are setting is a solid one.

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  • Have I done my research?

Did you take the time to truly look into the facility you are considering committing to, or did you merely skim over the brochure, looking at the pictures? Whether you are looking into help for yourself or for a loved one, make sure that you check out all available resources to ensure a legitimate and life-changing experience.

  • Have I spoken to any alumni?

One of the best ways to research any given facility is to call the admissions coordinator and ask for an alumni list. Ask if there are any alumni in particular that are open to receiving phone calls from potential clients. Many inpatient facilitaties alumni programs, in which past graduates of the facility can come back and participate in numerous recovery-related activities.

  • Have I seen and looked over an example schedule?

Ask the admissions coordinator for an example of the daily schedule (if you are not able to find one on the website). Take a look at how busy the facility keeps the clients on a daily basis – look for a schedule that is full of daily group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, and recreational activities. The busier the schedule, the better. If you are looking into a holistically-based facility, check to see how many times per week the clients participate in activities such as yoga, nutritional counseling, and guided meditation. Make sure the actual program aligns with what is being advertised!

  • Is this a gender-specific facility?

It may be a wise idea to look into whether or not the facility you are researching is co-ed. If so, make sure that the therapeutic group sessions are gender-specific, and that males and females do not live in the same residential facility. It has proven that separating men and women for the majority of a program is more beneficial in setting a solid foundation for long-term sobriety, seeing as members of the same sex work through issues more openly and learn to create healthy and supportive bonds.

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  • How many clients does the facility accept at one time?

Would you prefer a more personalized experience, with a greater amount of one-on-one therapy sessions? If you don’t mind attending a larger facility, go for it – many bigger facilitaties offer excellent care to each and every one of their clients. But if you have underlying issues that need special attention, you may want to consider attending a smaller, privately owned center.

  • Is the facility in an ideal location?

Location is important! After you have chosen a state (there is truly no better location to set a solid foundation for spiritual health than in the beautiful, scenic state of Hawaii), look into a center that is located in a safe area close to accessible 12-step meetings. While you may be tempted to search for a center that is located close to home, it may be wise to put a fair amount of distance between you and your loved ones.

  • Is the facility affiliated with any sober living housing facilities?

Early recovery is a multi-faceted process, one typically comprised of three main stages – cleansing, inpatient treatment, and sober living. In most cases, a sober living house will be personally recommended by the clinical team at your inpatient center. Look for a facility that is affiliated with sober living homes, and will be able to recommend you to one once you have completed your program.

  • Does the facility offer any specialty services?

Like many recovering addicts and alcoholics, you may be suffering from a co-occurring mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. If this is the case, you may need to attend a dual diagnosis facility, which will adequately treat substance abuse as well as any underlying psychological disorders. If you struggle with cross-addictions, such as an eating disorder or compulsive gambling, you may want to look into attending a treatment facility that specializes in caring for such disorders as well.

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  • What does the staff offer?

Look at the ‘About Us’ page of the website. Is the staff qualified and extensively experienced? Is there a licensed psychologist on the team? How many therapists are available to work with clients? Take all of this into consideration before making your final decision.  You will want to make sure that your loved one is entering a nurturing and professional environment in order to be treated sufficiently and set a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

After you have thoroughly researched and examined your options, you may narrow your once long-winded list into one compiled of several favored and supported choices. How do you make the final decision? First of all, relax – try to remember that no matter where you end up, you will be exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust your gut. If you have thoroughly researched the points listed above, you will undoubtedly end up in a reputable and professionally run facility – and if you enter the experience with a vital sense of open-mindedness and willingness, you will inevitably find recovery no matter where you find yourself. Addiction recovery is a beautiful and highly personal journey of self-discovery and emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to find true happiness and fulfillment.

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