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Thanks to a growing demand for the biggest and best technology, so comes the biggest rise in tech addiction as well. With social media so prevalent today, many sufferers struggle to differentiate…

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Thanks to a growing demand for the biggest and best technology, so comes the biggest rise in tech addiction as well. With social media so prevalent today, many sufferers struggle to differentiate the online world from the real world. These sufferers can have debilitating addictions and clinical disorders that ruin not only their own life, but other people’s lives as well. A whole generation of “Failure to Launch” Millennials have seen their schooling, job prospects, and/or interpersonal relationships suffer–or even destroyed–as a result of their tech addiction. So many young people are struggling with this issue, yet there are so few therapy options. While countries like South Korea have over 400 tech addictions rehabs, unfortunately here in the United States options are extremely limited. Meaningful healing for a technology addict is possible though with the right support. If you are living with a tech addict, learning how to decode tech addiction as soon as possible may be key to their recovery from a dangerous virtual reality. “What is a tech addict’ cannot be easily defined, and the same goes for treatment as each individual is unique.

A Break Down Of What Tech Addiction Is Exactly

Whether it be surfing the internet using a smartphone, gaming on a laptop, or living virtually on social media, tech addiction is not something to ignore. In learning how to decode tech addiction, one will find that no matter the variance of kinds of technology used, the addictive behavior itself is similar. ‘What is a tech addict’ can be broken down or defined as someone with an impulse control disorder that involves the obsessive use of technology. Or frequent use of mobile devices, the internet, social media platforms, and/or video games, regardless of any negative consequences to the user of the technology. A technology addict may also be referred to as an individual experiencing digital addiction or internet addiction. Examples of technology use disorder include obsessive activity in playing video games, checking social media platforms, watching YouTube, sending emails, surfing the web, watching porn, and anxiety from technology separation.

How Tech Addiction Affects Everyone

It is no secret that relationships, whether romantic, personal, professional, or casual can all be negatively impacted by tech addiction. However, no one will experience more pain associated with technology use disorder than the addicted individual themselves. As far as physical problems a technology addict may experience; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, insomnia, body aches, vision problems, and weight gain/loss are just some to name a few. While emotional effects may include depression, anxiety, social isolation, aggression, dishonesty, and mood swings as well. However, there is no guarantee that a person living with a tech addict will observe the negative impacts named above, as we all handle situations and experiences differently.

Besides the unfortunate side effects that come with tech addiction, such sufferings can also spread to those tied to the technology addict. An over-dependence on technology can have a significant impact on not only the addicted individual, but their family members, friends, and community as a whole. Ever wonder how the person standing at the street light with a “anything helps” sign got to be there? Does that person in need have a story left untold? As a community there is strength in offering support for those struggling with tech addiction, or any addiction for that matter. If you are someone living with a tech addict then let your concern be used in a positive way. One that can help the addicted individual come back from a dangerous virtual reality, and help keep them from falling through the cracks.

Why A Technology Addict Needs Support For Recovery ASAP

As for most individuals with technology use disorder, finding the right support for recovery is key in reclaiming their life back. And as we slowly come out of a pandemic coma, seeking recovery from tech addiction is becoming more and more important and clear. The recent time spent at home this past year allowed some R&R for some individuals, but on the opposite spectrum may have also flamed the addiction fire for others. If you were living with a tech addict and witnessed their behavior and time spent on technology increase dramatically, support may be needed ASAP. At Maui Recovery, we focus on the sources of the anxiety and unhappiness that can keep a technology addict from falling through the cracks of their own well being. Therefore showing how to decode tech addiction by being able to teach addicted individuals that they can walk away from bad habits. Recovery happens when the technology addict doesn’t need the Internet to feel whole anymore.

How To Decode Tech Addiction With Support From Maui Recovery

‘What is a tech addict’ cannot be defined by a cookie cutter description, and at Maui Recovery we understand this whole heartedly. Through dedicated specialized programs at Maui Recovery, we excel in how to decode tech addiction effectively for our clients. Dr. Kardaras, Maui Recovery’s Co-CEO and Chief Clinical Officer, is considered one of the world’s leading experts on digital addiction (social media, video games, smart phones, etc.) and treatment. Kardaras, author of “Glow Kids”, wrote a seminal book on the clinical, neurological, and sociological aspects of tech addiction. Over the past 10 years, Kardaras has worked clinically with hundreds of young people struggling with video game addiction disease for example. His work and dedication, along with others that offer incredible value and expertise, are here to help those seeking recovery from tech addiction. Living with a tech addict can be very challenging, hence why a supportive environment could be the key for all those involved.

At Maui Recovery we combine the best evidence-based treatments with powerful, transformative, holistic, and experimental therapies to treat the whole client. Our focus is to welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from tech addiction. If you are living with a tech addict, reach out to Maui Recovery today to succeed in learning how to decode tech addiction once and for all.

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