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Relationships are no easy ordeal. For anyone. Not to say that they are only hard too, but the key of any healthy relationship is Balance. In any relationship there is somewhat an…

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Relationships are no easy ordeal. For anyone. Not to say that they are only hard too, but the key of any healthy relationship is Balance. In any relationship there is somewhat an aspect of codependency in regards to support, love, and the continuation to help each other. However, when only one of the persons involved is doing all the relationship work there is bound to be an unhealthy balance and breaking point. Codependent personalities typically follow a pattern of behaviors that are consistent, problematic, and directly interfere with the individual’s emotional health and ability to find fulfillment in a relationship. Those involved will feel as if they have lost a sense of themselves within the relationship, which can be tragic on a soul level. In 2006 a small survey by Lisa Romano was created on Google to try to understand what people feel and how we secretly feel about ourselves. The results came from 1,000 individuals and consisted of answers from over 200 countries. What her survey found was that; ninety four percent of the individuals feel invisible and unheard. Eighty five percent secretly feel like they are unworthy of love, peace, abundance, and happiness. And lastly that eighty two percent secretly worry more about the needs of others than of their own. Identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii is so important because people with codependency issues most often have good intentions. The problem lies in that their “rescue” attempts allow the other individual to continue with their destructive behavior. Leaving both wanting and perpetually unhappy at a core level. 

Identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii is one of the best ways an individual can recharge and realign with their own wants, needs, and values. “Codependency is a circular relationship in which one person needs the other person, who in turn, needs to be needed. The codependent person, known as ‘the giver,’ feels worthless unless they are needed by — and making sacrifices for — the enabler, otherwise known as ‘the taker.” – Dr. Exelberg Breaking free from the grips of codependency can seem unfathomable and downright challenging, but it is in fact possible. Centers that aim in identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii choose their exotic location because of the inner peace it can inspire. Hawaii is the idyllic location for a person struggling with mental health to do the challenging inner work needed to cultivate their relationship with self. Therefore, providing genuine self love that leads to more healthy and fruitful relationships with the people in their life. 

Identifying Codependency In Yourself Or Someone Else

Identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii is an essential first step toward finding mental health recovery. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines codependency, in part, as “the state of being mutually reliant” and “a dysfunctional relationship pattern in which an individual is psychologically controlled by, or dependent on, a person who has a pathological condition (e.g., alcohol, gambling). Codependency can develop in all sorts of relationships and come in all shapes and sizes, with varying severity levels. Codependency can exist in parent-child, partner-partner, spouse-spouse, and even coworker-boss relationships, as well as others. However, codependency is not a clinical diagnosis or formally categorized personality disorder of its own. Generally speaking, codependency incorporates aspects of attachment style patterns developed in early childhood. Again, while there are varying depths of codependency, all can be addressed and repaired once acknowledged and treatment is sought professionally. 

Some of the indicators that you, yourself, may be in need of identifying codependency in your relationships can include feelings of uncertainty and a sense of lost self. Identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii is more feasible than one would think. However, the first step is taking ownership of behaviors and habits that feel unhealthy and need some closer attention. Indications of codependency in a relationship can include; a “walking on eggshells” to avoid conflict, apologizing often for things unsubstantial, deep empathy and forgiveness for the other person even when they hurt you, doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, struggling to find any time for yourself, and most commonly feeling as if you’ve lost a sense of yourself within the relationship. While it is an admirable quality of the ‘giver’ to want to help another (the ‘taker’) so deeply, it is also an awareness of keeping a balance of ensuring your own needs are met as well. People with Codependency have good intentions. The problem is that their “rescue” attempts allow the other individual to continue with their destructive behavior. It is important to clarify that being reliant on another person, such as your partner, does not mean that you are codependent. Each person can rely on the other for a variety of needs when involved in a healthy relationship, such as emotional support and encouragement. The problem exists when one person gives more than the other, creating an imbalance of met needs, thus codependency. 

Treating Codependency In Hawaii With Experienced Professionals At Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, our recovery program has a focus on heightening our clients chances of breaking through the agonizing patterns that make up codependency. Our codependency treatment plan considers the implications and difficulty for recovery, ensuring maximum support is given to our clients. Many medical professionals alike avidly treat and view codependency as a ‘family disease’ due to the relationship dynamics that go along with it. Identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii finds that emotional, mental, and physical issues are exacerbated by the disease. In fact, one of the biggest problems clients face is simply the urge to fall back into old habits. But at Maui Recovery, we understand that the significant components of success rely on being consistent and level-headed. Therefore, our recovery program incorporates the  recognition of behavioral issues and offers treatment for long-term success. To help better understand, the four steps for codependency treatment and recovery are:

  • Sobriety from drugs or alcohol.
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of the codependent relationship.
  • Acceptance of the unhappiness and suffering that has come from the relationship.
  • Changing unhealthy behaviors.

By choosing Maui Recovery, our clients find something authentic, genuine, intimate, and treatment that works. Maui Recovery is a unique place that focuses not only on recovery but also on finding, treating, and healing the root causes of whatever the individual is struggling with. We understand that identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii is no easy process, especially alone. Our program was designed to provide an Ohana—a safe, nurturing, and healing environment that our residents immediately feel upon stepping onto the sanctuary. Our serene environment allows for a balance of solitude, peace, rest, and treatment for natural healing. Which gives allowance for the inner work to happen for our clients identifying and treating codependency in Hawaii. Our center is located on the south-central coast of Maui, just one block from the warm, sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Our setting offers a private and tranquil oasis for individuals seeking their codependency treatment, whether an individual or family affair. We aim to support those seeking healing of the Whole Self, as well as those who are newly sober individuals who are developing and nurturing themselves in their recovery. All the while practicing their tools, new life skills, and continuation of their own inner work. All of which keeps the environment thriving with healthy energy, connection, intimacy, and a family spirit where deep bonds are made.


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