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Substance abuse is not an ordinary and easy part of life to overcome, hence the importance of seeking treatment as soon as possible. But, no matter the type of treatment center sought…

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Substance abuse is not an ordinary and easy part of life to overcome, hence the importance of seeking treatment as soon as possible. But, no matter the type of treatment center sought for substance abuse recovery, choosing a facility for support is the ultimate goal and necessary step. And with a plethora of choices available today, the road to finding the perfect place for recovery can seem encouraging while also overwhelming. One of the biggest factors to determine in choosing a substance abuse treatment center is whether a public or private option is best. Private substance abuse treatment centers in Maui most often provide the perfect setting for an individual seeking a healing environment in seclusion for recovery. Maui is an idyllic location due to the ocean and surrounding elements of earth that can offer unique treatments such as Nature Immersion and Adventure Therapy. While most private substance abuse treatment centers can provide options such as pristine quarters, close support and care, and modern treatments- not all can offer them in paradise. For some a setting on the beach is just the environment needed for self discovery and healing, especially if coming from a cold, urban, or stressful home environment.

The Differences Between Private and Public Treatment Centers

In the search for which type of substance abuse treatment center is best for yourself or a loved one, you will find the major difference may lie in the guest experience. Public centers provide the same basic and necessary options needed for recovery such as accommodations, meals, and treatments- with private centers taking it up a notch. An example of this would be a client’s room or accommodations, which are often more updated, spacious, and private. The grounds can also differ between public and private centers, as private locations most often are more desirable and/or luxurious. Maui is set in the heart of peaceful paradise, making it a superior choice for someone seeking peace and inner healing with the calming support found only in Nature. More customized and credentialed programs are also some of the differences between public and private treatment centers. Programs such as private one-on-one counseling, and around-the-clock care, for example, are incredibly important for substance abuse recovery. More attentive, focused, and experienced care creates a more thorough clinical experience and thoughtful guest experience overall for clients. A private substance abuse treatment center in Maui will often spend more time updating and adjusting their programs. With the aim to provide a more thorough regimen of educational classes and a broader array of treatment therapies. In addition to traditional treatments, private centers may offer more holistic modalities such as Nature Immersion, Art Therapy, and Yoga for whole self healing. Maui Recovery supports this idea of whole self healing by offering a Hero’s Journey, unique to their center. 

There are also differences in meal offerings, with a wider spectrum of foods offered at a private center that may be more nutritious and enjoyable for whole body healing. Some private treatment centers, such as Maui Recovery, even incorporate the importance of gratitude in the work and care of the foods they eat. Part of the support team, George Kahumoku Jr, is a multiple Grammy & Hoku Award winning Master Slack Key Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Teacher, Sculptor, Storyteller, Writer, Entrepreneur, and finally Farmer! The clients at this private substance abuse treatment center in Maui assist on his farm in Kahakuloa, part of a sacred native Hawaiian Area. Clients seeking substance abuse recovery do agricultural work on the farm during the day, and share a meal from what they harvested at night. George and some of his family members perform live music while everyone enjoys a meal together to finish the cultural experience. Though debated, the unique and holistic approaches found at private treatment centers can lead to higher success rates of life lasting recovery. However success may be defined and determined differently by each substance abuse treatment center, public or private. 

Why Choosing A Private Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Maui Is Ideal

In spite of the vital services offered by a public substance abuse treatment center, they often do come with limitations for the patient. Public treatment centers are low-cost (or even no-cost) organizations, and unfortunately the demand for treatment often exceeds capacity. This is especially true in today’s world, with a pandemic that has left many centers lower staffed, overwhelmed, and in higher demand. Leaving many individuals having to wait for treatment, not an ideal situation for anyone struggling with substance abuse. Ultimately, because the clients and their families are the ones paying the bill for treatment at a private center, more attention is given to the guest experience. Public or state-funded substance abuse treatment centers typically receive money through three funding streams. The first being federal grants for substance abuse, and the second being Medicaid reimbursement. The third form of funding being money from state governments to provide treatment services to residents  who need them. Keep in mind that public substance abuse centers are generally only available to residents of that particular state. They are also intended for people who do not have sufficient insurance coverage, or cannot cover the entire cost of treatment on their own. Again, for a person seeking immediate help for a substance abuse problem, this is obviously not ideal. In fact, being on a waiting list has been mentioned as a reason why some individuals give up on treatment. If cost is a major factor, contacting the private treatment center for funding available is suggested as they most often provide options for payment. 

Why Maui Recovery Is The Best Private Substance Abuse Treatment Center

At Maui Recovery, we welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from substance abuse. We provide dynamic programs that address the Whole Self, transforming a shame core to a love core and cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living. At Maui Recovery our Core Values speak volumes and include:

  • Compassion for the person struggling and their family. 
  • We genuinely care about our Ohana (family) and maintaining a sacred living community. 
  • Assisting individuals in their recovery journey and aftercare. 
  • Patience for people’s process, not everyone goes at the same speed but we honor & acknowledge the individual progress. 
  • Healing the Whole Self through recovery, wellness, mindfulness and spirituality. 
  • Helping with the healing process of the entire family.

We take pride in providing the ideal setting for doing the inner work needed for life long recovery from substance abuse. Our private substance abuse treatment centers in Maui utilize:

  • Property is situated in the beautiful paradise that is Maui.
  • Luxurious, spacious, and private setting.
  • Private mental health treatment programs and therapies.
  • Integrated health care treatment.
  • Top mental health professionals and experienced staff members.
  • Unique Nature Immersion Activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, etc.
  • Unique Therapies such as Equine and Surf.
  • Luxurious private rooms and lodging.
  • Round-the-clock patient care and guidance.

With over 15 years of healing and treating, we know first hand the pain and suffering that comes from active addiction. Which is exactly why we are the one of the best private substance abuse treatment centers in Maui, HI!

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