Reflecting on Sobriety | I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

If there is one thing we all could agree on, no matter age or circumstance, it would be the gratitude that comes with reflection. I wish I knew then what I know…

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If there is one thing we all could agree on, no matter age or circumstance, it would be the gratitude that comes with reflection. I wish I knew then what I know now. Reflecting on sobriety, one can fully appreciate the value of support and available resources in the search for sober living. When someone experiences the extreme depths of addiction, it can be hard to think of life any other way without it. But there IS hope, and there are always options for those seeking a change in their life. There IS another direction to take down what seems to be a dark road with no end, no turns, and no way to go back. Reflection often shows us the answers that were plain to see all along. However, it is our experience and determination that lead us to gaining that viewpoint or perspective at all. If you or a loved one are in search of sober living, I hope this reflection of being sober reaches those wanting some inspiration to do so as well.

I Wish I Knew Support With Recovery For Getting Sober Was There All Along

Looking back I wish I had known that I had options all along in my search for a supportive place that aids in recovery for getting sober. We live in a world where almost everything is just a click away, available at our fingertips. But whether it be lack of knowledge and resources, lack of genuine interest in sober living, or financial reasons, we all had an excuse for our addictions upon reflection. But in today’s world, there truly are more options rather than excuses for resisting recovery for getting sober. With plentiful choices of sober living centers, hardship programs and payment options, and free online resources and information, there is plenty of help for those individuals wanting to free themselves of addiction. Recovery for getting sober is available to those seeking, but it takes that first step of owning our addiction and finding help to get started down the right path.

Reflecting Upon A Sober Living Center

The idea of what a sober living center looks like in our mind can be greatly different from reality. Now reflecting on sobriety, what can be experienced by an individual in their search of a place of support for sober living may be different for everyone. One might see sober living as being stuck in a small room with one or multiple strangers, a sterile and plain environment. But for many centers, this is not the case. At Maui Recovery for example, their private inpatient mental health facilities are luxurious, spacious, and state-of-the-art. They customize patient care to ensure that each client/patient receives the type of care that they need, the quality of care that they need, and the level or duration of care that they require. Upon reflection ( I wish I knew then what I know now) it is important to visit a potential sober living center before choosing, if possible. Getting some insight and a ‘feel’ for the place in which you choose for recovery for getting sober is worth the time and effort.

Treatment Modalities Specific In Recovery For Getting Sober

Now reflecting on sobriety, there are in existence a variety of sober living centers available that offer exceptional options for their clients. Most sober living centers will offer treatment modalities such as: Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). However, in reflection (I wish I knew then what I know now) there were also exceptional centers that provided unique treatments and modalities for sober living as well. An example being Maui Recovery, a luxury recovery center located in the heart of paradise. Because of their tranquil yet wild location, they are able to provide Nature Immersion/Adventure Therapy opportunities where clients can also experience a potentially life-saving “shift”. Treatments such as Equine Therapy, Surf Therapy, and Nature Immersion that includes hiking and outrigger canoeing give clients a unique experience. These programs help an individual experiencing addiction shift from a negative place or void, to a deeper sense of living and enjoyment of life. For nature loving individuals seeking recovery for getting sober, Maui Recovery is an exceptional choice for support when reflecting on sobriety.

What Makes Maui Recovery So Unique In Supporting Sober Living

Sober living could not even come close to being the words to describe what a luxury rehab center such as Maui Recovery has to offer clients. Maui Recovery provides a full recovery program where members receive counseling & treatment for several hours per day, 6 days a week. Clients engage in outdoor activities to promote both emotional and physical well-being. Therefore helping to release and break through the barriers that have been keeping them blocked from the sunlight of the spirit. Some of the modalities offered include:

  • Inclusion of neurobiological factors in diagnosis and clinical care.
  • Deep Cathartic Emotional work that targets and addresses buried and repressed shame, pain, grief, anger, guilt, and low self worth that often cause compulsive behaviors and addictions.
  • Adventure Therapy twice a week that includes excursions throughout Maui and Surf Therapy.
  • Codependency therapy that addresses the dysfunction of the self through the family system.
  • An inward psychological program that focuses on Jungian Concepts, Hero’s Journey, and Mythic-poetic life of understanding deep internal universal spiritual truths and true individuality.

Plus, Maui’s residential program offers housing in a beautiful serene place in a 24 hour monitored sober environment, just 750 ft from the Pacific Ocean. At Maui Recovery, the focus is to welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from addiction. It is in great hope that this priceless reflection (I wish I knew then what I know now) can aid any and all individuals seeking recovery for getting sober today, not tomorrow.

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