Seeking a Hawaii Drug Recovery Treatment Center in Maui

Whether it’s yourself or a loved one, finding a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center in Maui at the first signs of addiction is key. Drug addiction is among the most vicious and…

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Whether it’s yourself or a loved one, finding a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center in Maui at the first signs of addiction is key. Drug addiction is among the most vicious and devastating long-term chronic disorders an individual and their loved ones can endure. Thankfully though, there are outstanding drug addiction facilities in Maui capable of guiding struggling individuals down the path to recovery. When it comes to facilities, however, not all are the same and provide all forms of treatments and modalities available today. Location is a huge factor in this, which is why individuals seeking a more natural reconnection and recovery choose a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center. Locations found in paradise tend to also offer unique forms of therapy such as Nature Immersion, Equine Therapy, and even Surf Therapy. Researching a facility, communicating with their staff members, and comparing treatment options provided are all important to do before choosing one for recovery.

Why Successful Drug Recovery And Treatment Is So Important

Most people battling addiction often say that they can stop using drugs whenever they want, able to put any and all down with ease. Unfortunately though, that is not the case in any way, shape, or form. Without even knowing, most individuals start to feel an obligation to the drug of choice or substance while voicing something different. Most individuals seeking a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center don’t even recognize their issue with drugs until after addiction has a hold. For most, experiencing the difficult consequences involving their relationships and personal life are still not enough to create an awareness of their drug addiction. Untreated drug addiction can lead to isolation, financial hardship, and even death. Which is why finding the best drug rehab center in Maui Is so important for not just the individual suffering, but for their family and community as well.

Benefits That Come With An Inpatient Drug Recovery Treatment Center In Maui

Studies point out that drug addiction facilities in Maui offering an inpatient program can be ideal for fast and long-lasting recovery. The inpatient or residential program is a form of treatment which relies on 24/7 supervision and permanent care during the initial stage at a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center. This kind of drug recovery treatment option is ideal for individuals struggling with more aggravated stages of drug addiction. Or for those who seek a better environment that supports recovery, as they cannot recover at home or in an outpatient setting. For some, an inpatient Hawaii drug recovery treatment center can provide long-term benefits that are life-changing. With only 30 days of drug recovery and treatment, individuals will most often experience:

  • A better control of urges and cravings.
  • Becoming more emotionally and mentally stable.
  • Improved psychological functioning.
  • Improved lifestyle concerning nutrition, sleeping, and healthier habits both physically and mentally.
  • Outstanding personal and spiritual growth achievement.
  • Growth toward confidence and dedication to life goals.

An inpatient program provided by a Hawaii drug recovery treatment center is perfect for stabilizing recovery. Allowing an individual seeking recovery from drug addiction to regain control over their behavior, lifestyle choices, and mental functioning. A 30-day period is often enough to provide an individual with the foundation needed to move further into the recovery process.

Inpatient Care Stages You Can Expect At The Best Drug Rehab Center In Maui

Inpatient drug addiction facilities in Maui provide treatment to patients that take them through several distinct stages. The first being a preliminary clinical assessment and diagnosis, important for any Hawaii drug recovery treatment center. Since each individual is different from one another, each approach should be different in each case as well. Experienced professionals perform an in-depth clinical assessment, looking for valuable information about a client’s addiction, medical profile, and current physiological status. The next stage is detox and dual-diagnosis treatment. Based on the specifics of a diagnosis, clients may receive medication for detoxification, chemical cleansing, and stabilization. Medication-assisted treatment will deal with the symptoms of withdrawal and address co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD among others. This form of treatment can considerably increase the  chances of full recovery fast for those seeking successful drug recovery. Lastly, extensive therapeutic assistance and counseling for support is a large part of inpatient drug recovery treatment. With a mission of teaching confidence and stability, along with improvement in self-esteem and determination. During this stage, participation in family counseling sessions, life coaching classes, relapse prevention education, and lifestyle improvement are the focus.

Why Maui Recovery Is The Best Hawaii Drug Recovery Treatment Center In Maui

The programs and staff of our amazing and transformative Hawaii drug recovery treatment center are at the core of what we can offer our clients seeking help with addiction. Our knowledgeable staff members get to witness our clients’ transformation and growth in mind, body, and spirit every day. Our clients get to go inward and dispel the false messages that have been running their lives, and fueling their drug addiction. We are the best drug rehab center in Maui because we take pride in helping our clients discover the truth about who they really are. Unique and stand out factors that separate us from other facilities are:

  • A central location in a pristine, private, and tranquil setting.
  • Integration of Hawaiian culture and traditions in therapy.
  • Inclusion of neurobiological factors in diagnosis and clinical care.
  • Deep Cathartic Emotional work targeting buried and repressed shame, pain, grief, anger, guilt and low self worth that often cause compulsive behaviors and addictions.
  • Mindfulness meditation and engaged living that cultivates a true spiritual life.

Our 10 bed facility is in a nurturing, intimate, and serene space with three houses on lush Hawaiian property. We are ideally suited for men and women over the age of 18, for those seeking the best Hawaii drug recovery treatment center in Maui. We also understand the importance of our clients peace of mind during the recovery process from drug addiction. Which is precisely why we ensure our clients seeking drug addiction recovery feel safe, secure, and supported every step of the way. Our experienced staff members utilize unique treatments and modalities offered, thanks to our ideal location for self discovery immersed in nature.

At Maui Recovery We Take Pride In Helping Our Clients Find Peace Within

At Maui Recovery we’re certain the process is real in reversing the breakdown of mind, body, and spirit that drug addiction creates. Our staff has seen countless people recover from what often appears as a hopeless condition. The Hawaiian word Ohana, “coming from the same root,” refers to an inclusive and extended family, and it expresses the very heart of Maui Recovery. We look forward to facilitating a path of healing for clients at our Hawaii drug recovery treatment center in Maui. We welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from drug addiction. We provide dynamic programs that address the Whole Self, transforming a shame core to a love core and cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living. Our drug addiction facilities in Maui aim to lead our clients toward the path of successful life long recovery.

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