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Do you constantly struggle with drugs or alcohol, knowing that it’s harmful to you? If so, Maui Recovery can help you get your life in order and escape the clutches of addiction….

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Do you constantly struggle with drugs or alcohol, knowing that it’s harmful to you? If so, Maui Recovery can help you get your life in order and escape the clutches of addiction. Our substance abuse recovery center in Hawaii implement specialized addiction-free procedures that will cure you completely.

What is mean by substance abuse?

In medical terms, substance abuse implies the overuse of psychoactive substances like alcohol or drugs. It means you can’t stop yourself from consuming a specific substance because your body has gotten used to ingesting large quantities of the drug. Usually, substance abuse is harmful to the body and mind, and only a drug detox treatment can help you get rid of the addiction.

At our center in Hawaii, we have experts that know precisely how substance abuse manifests, and they can help you manage it. For single disorders like alcohol abuse, we implement medication-based treatments. However, co-occurring disorders require integrated treatments that target both illnesses. For instance, medication and cognitive behavioral therapy are far superior in treating dual diagnosis than medication alone.

The best treatment for substance abuse

Depending on a patient’s needs and severity of the addiction, we recommend hospitalization within one of our programs:

  • Inpatient treatment program
  • Residential treatment program
  • Outpatient treatment program
  • An intensive outpatient treatment program
  • Partial hospitalization program

Benefits of drug detox treatment

Suffering from drug or alcohol addiction cripples your social relationships, your willpower, and it harms your mind as well. With our substance abuse recovery center in Hawaii, you can undergo drug detox treatment immediately. The main benefits revolve around diminishing drug cravings and alleviating your addiction. If you suffer from a co-occurring disorder, we can implement integrated procedures to target mental issues simultaneously. Through it, we support patients who undergo a process of discontinuation from drugs or alcohol. We also use medication to ease their withdrawal symptoms to a manageable level, while also ensuring that they won’t relapse in the future.

We strive to lessen your chances of future relapsing by enrolling you in our outpatient program following successful detoxification. You will have to visit us regularly so we can analyze your progress or regress. If necessary, we restart the detox program or implement procedures that are more efficient in your case.

What is the cause of substance abuse?

Substance abuse can appear because of the constant ingestion of a specific substance, which degenerates into addiction. On the other hand, drug abuse can manifest because of mental illness as well. In this case, we are dealing with a dual diagnosis issue or comorbid disorder, which requires simultaneous treatment for both diseases.

Maui Recovery has years of experience in the field of drug abuse treatment and dual diagnosis, and we know we can make you better as well. Our substance abuse programs in Hawaii focus on detoxifying your body, lessening the impact of withdrawal on your mind, and preventing relapsing.

h3>Compare A Typical Day At The Potential Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • Remember, drug & alcohol abuse treatment centers offer different kinds of programs, activities, and varying degrees of structure. Asking staff to see a sample of a daily or weekly schedule that entails what a typical patient will endure is important. Evaluate the schedule based on your understanding of your loved one’s needs for structure, supervision, physical activity and social interaction.
  • Do daily activities vary, or does each day seem the same?
  • Consider the mix of talk therapy, hands-on or expressive therapies, and physical activity.
  • Is one-on-one time with dedicated therapists or psychiatrists offered daily?
  • Are most groups generalized for the whole patient population, or are clients offered opportunities for specialized therapy and learning?
  • Outside of traditional therapeutic treatment hours, how are clients encouraged to socialize on evenings and weekends?
    Are off-campus activities in the community offered for clients?

At Maui Recovery We Take Pride In Helping Our Clients Find Peace Within

The programs and staff of our amazing and transformative centers are key to what we can offer you or a loved battling drug and alcohol addiction. Our knowledgeable staff members get to witness our clients’ transformation and growth in mind, body and spirit every day. Our clients get to go inward and dispel the false messages that have been running their lives. We are one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers because we take pride in helping our clients discover the truth about who they really are. What makes Maui Recovery unique and stand out from the rest is we offer:

  • A centrally located pristine, private, and tranquil setting.
  • Integration of Hawaiian culture and traditions in therapy.
  • Inclusion of neurobiological factors in diagnosis and clinical care.
  • Deep Cathartic Emotional work targeting buried and repressed shame, pain, grief, anger, guilt and low self worth that often cause compulsive behaviors and addictions.
  • Mindfulness meditation and engaged living that cultivates a true spiritual life.

At Maui Recovery, we welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families through their journey of recovery by empowering their restoration & healing from addiction. We provide dynamic programs that address the Whole Self, transforming a shame core to a love core and cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living.

Maui Recovery Recognizes Concerns That Come With A Current Pandemic

At Maui Recovery we understand the concern for treatment during times of a pandemic. There is especially a lot of fear and concern regarding COVID-19; that we as a leading treatment center provider want to address. Be assured that our programs at Maui Recovery have always been an ideal operation to accommodate concerns such as safe distancing, privacy, and strict cleanliness. Maui Recovery offers a coed 8 bed customized program based upon Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. While other centers scramble to adapt, we have always specialized in small and personal recovery programming. We provide the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Hawaii. Our residents attend inhouse AA, NA, Refuge Recovery and Smart Recovery Meetings. A large portion of our programming involves our adventure guides, aiming to help residents find their true self. In secluded nature adventures exploring the magical Island of Maui, far away from tourists and other unwanted distractions. While other programs are forced to create a new program strategy in this crisis, at Maui Recovery we continue with normal programming, as we already have the perfect system in place. Reassuring our clients that they have put their recovery path in the right hands, no matter the current situation of the world.

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