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No matter what you or a loved one are struggling with, there is support and programs available today in helping live the best life possible. Mental health is the most important factor…

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No matter what you or a loved one are struggling with, there is support and programs available today in helping live the best life possible. Mental health is the most important factor in a person’s life, and disorders including addiction can gravely interfere with how an individual sees and interacts in their own world. In fact, how we see ourselves and the world around us can play a huge role in our daily lives. Seeking the best Maui residential inpatient treatment program is the first step in the right direction toward living a bountiful life. But, how does one choose? Leaving our home or environment can feel like a drastic measure, but what if a residential inpatient facility felt like a resort! A well deserved vacation from the unhealthy thoughts and patterns from our life. That is exactly what the best residential inpatient treatment facilities hope to provide, a nurturing and healing home away from home. Maui Recovery for example aims to provide a safe and nurturing paradise for clients in search of rediscovery and rejuvenation on their path of recovery. Let’s explore what a residential treatment program will look like and offer. 

What Is A Residential Inpatient Treatment Program?

A residential inpatient rehab treatment program provides around-the-clock nursing care and/or support for people who need rehabilitation and have medical needs. Though some inpatient treatment centers are part of a hospital system, there are also free-standing and independent facilities available. All treatment centers that offer residential inpatient programs can vary and range in cost depending on the services provided and the care needed. These types of centers are intensive, as the programs are designed to treat serious addictions and disorders. While on the other side of the spectrum, outpatient treatments are part-time programs, allowing the patient to still participate in daily activities or obligations outside of the center. Facilities that provide inpatient care have trained professionals on site that know first hand the pain and suffering that comes from active addiction. Making the best Maui residential inpatient treatment program one with experienced staff and impactful programs aimed at successful recovery. Inpatient treatment centers will vary on family involvement, as each individual struggling has their own family dynamic either positive or negative. For example, Maui Recovery feels and understands just how important family involvement is crucial to recovery. Family members can contact loved ones in residential treatment to provide emotional support and encouragement.

What Will A Residential Inpatient Treatment Center Look Like?

A residential treatment program can look like something different for everyone, as no two centers are the same. However, there is an advantage to having a facility on the beautiful lands of Hawaii – a group of islands set in paradise. Maui can provide a lush landscape and peaceful environment ideal for self discovery and healing that is intimate and nurturing within a serene space. Choosing a Maui residential inpatient treatment program can combine the best evidence-based treatments with powerful and transformative holistic and experimental therapies. Residential inpatient treatment programs most often include living quarters, around the clock staff, and therapies used in successful rehabilitation from addiction and disorders. Maui Recovery, for example, aims to give a supportive environment to their residential clients by providing options and benefits such as:

  • Property is situated in the beautiful paradise that is Maui.
  • 3 luxurious and spacious houses set on private property.
  • Private mental health treatment programs and therapies.
  • Integrated health care treatment.
  • Top mental health professionals and experienced staff members.
  • Round-the-clock patient care and guidance.
  • Unique Nature Immersion Activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, etc.
  • Unique Therapies such as Equine and Surf.
  • 12 luxurious private rooms and lodging.
  • Ideally suited for men and women over the age of 18.
  • Special kamaaina rate to residents of the Hawaiian Islands.

At Maui Recovery, we provide the best Maui residential inpatient treatment program for anyone seeking recovery. Combining the best evidence-based treatments with powerful and transformative holistic and experimental therapies to treat the whole client, not just the disorder. Inpatient Treatment programs are designed to provide around-the-clock care and needed support within a nurturing environment that still ensures healthy boundaries. Finding the right residential treatment center, whether for yourself or a loved one, depends on knowing what to look for and expect. Again, no two inpatient facilities will be the same so taking the time to research and ask questions is ideal in finding which one is best for successful recovery.

Why Maui Is The Perfect Place For A Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment facilities will vary and can be found in all states across the nation, and ocean. And speaking of the ocean- what benefits come with choosing the best Maui residential inpatient treatment program? A treatment facility near the ocean can provide an environment that encourages clients to engage with nature and also exercise, both commonly known in supporting mental health. Physical activity for example has a substantial positive effect on the human mind and psyche. Exercise and physical activities help encourage the body to produce the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, which can help an individual feel less stressed and more happy. Swimming, taking a walk or jogging on the beach, Surf Therapy, or even horseback riding with Equine Therapy are all types of unique treatment found in Maui. In fact, at Maui Recovery we utilize Surf Therapy as a great activity that not only physically engages your legs, core, and upper body, but also your brain mentally. This form of treatment utilizes the ocean for its mental health benefits such as increasing self-efficacy, alleviating insomnia, and improving cognitive concentration. The vastness of the ocean and its power can help a suffering individual put things in perspective, encouraging the mind to relax instead of being anxious. Maui provides the serene and nurturing landscape for a residential inpatient center to offer unique treatments found nowhere else than by the sea. 

Maui Recovery Provides A Home Away From Home 

The best Maui residential inpatient treatment program can be found at Maui Recovery! We take pride in how we help our clients by utilizing our idyllic location, experienced staff, and unique treatments, which are at the core of our success. Our knowledgeable staff members get to witness our clients’ transformation and growth in mind, body, and spirit every day. Our clients get to go inward and dispel the false messages that have been running their lives. We offer one of the best Maui residential inpatient treatment programs in the United States, because we take pride in helping our clients discover the truth about who they really are. What makes Maui Recovery unique and stand out from the rest is our centrally located pristine, private, and tranquil setting. We also  integrate Hawaiian culture and traditions in therapy in the creation of Ohana. Our inclusion of neurobiological factors in diagnosis and clinical care, as well as mindfulness meditation and engaged living helps our clients cultivate a true spiritual life. Maui Recovery engages in deep cathartic emotional work targeting buried and repressed shame, pain, grief, anger, guilt and low self worth that often cause compulsive behaviors and addictions. We provide a safe and healing environment within our residential inpatient program to provide space for life lasting positive change.

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