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Have you done any of these particular activities lately? Playing video games, consistently checking social media, watching online video channels, surfing the web for hours, pornographic subscriptions, etc. If so, you may…

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Have you done any of these particular activities lately? Playing video games, consistently checking social media, watching online video channels, surfing the web for hours, pornographic subscriptions, etc. If so, you may want to take a minute to consider just how important these activities are to you. And if you find that these activities make up a considerable part of your day, you may have an addiction. These kinds of activities are now acknowledged as more than just obsessions. And in some cases, they can be debilitating addictions and clinical disorders that have ruined peoples lives. If you have been trying to score big, escape to a gaming addiction treatment center may be your best bet yet!

When a lot of people first encounter the idea of gaming addiction, they think something to the effect of “That’s preposterous” or “Is this a real thing?” But if you or a loved one are someone who suffers from gaming addiction, then you already know that the results of an addiction can completely ruin a life! The fact is, gaming addiction is no different than any other type of addiction, minus the nature of the behavior. A lot of people say, “There’s nothing wrong with being addicted to video games. At least they are not addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn, or other self-harming activities.” For some people, 30-50 hours a week or more is not uncommon with obsessive gaming players. Further, a lot of people spend a lot of money gaming, in addition to immense numbers of hours. Gaming addiction costs more time and money than most people can afford. So, planning an escape to a gaming addiction treatment center is the first step in the right direction toward recovery.

Why Gaming Addiction is a Major Problem In Today’s World

Video games, for example, at their very core fun for all ages and demographics of people. But, remember that in order to keep a person playing a game, creators must entice their users to continue to game. In some games, that enticement happens by making a game more challenging for a user to get to the next level. In some games, there is no finality to look for. Searching for that finality, which does not exist, is what is enticing. In some people, however, that is a trigger. A person then compulsively plays the game looking for that end and gets a “high” off of completing more steps in the game. And it is that compulsion that drives the gaming addiction, which can have very negative effects on an individuals life.

In this example of video game addiction, Maui Recovery is an excellent option for a gaming addiction treatment center.Our goal is to welcome, nurture, and care for individuals and families on their healing journey to recovery. We hold an emphasis on empowering their restoration & transformation from addiction through providing programs that heal the Whole Self. Or in other words, from a shame core to a love core which cultivates meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living. Dr. Kardaras, our Co-CEO and Chief Clinical Officer, is considered one of the world’s leading experts on digital addiction (social media, video games, smart phones, etc.) and treatment. Kardaras is the author of “Glow Kids” (St. Martin’s Press, 2016). Glow kids is a seminal book on the clinical, neurological and sociological aspects of digital/technology addiction. Over the past 10 years, Kardaras has worked clinically with hundreds of young people struggling with video game addiction disease.

Physical And Behavioral Signs Of Gaming Addiction

Gaming in different forms is healthy in proper doses, but when it becomes s reason to live everyday then you know there may be a problem. Gaming addictions take a toll on the body just like any other addiction, both physically and mentally. If you yourself, or a loved one begins to exhibit these symptoms, seek professional help quickly. Be on the lookout for these signs specifically:

  • Complaints of frequent headaches or migraines.
  • Complaints of eye discomfort and eye strain.
  • Dry or red eyes.
  • Soreness in the fingers, neck, and back.
  • Receptive motion injuries in the fingers, wrists, and hands.
  • Poor personal hygiene.
  • Lack of sleep.

Gaming addiction does not just manifest physically, but psychologically as well in the form of unhealthy behaviors. To get a diagnosis of internet gaming addiction, a person must meet five of the following ten criteria:

  • Repetitive use of internet games that leads to an impairment in function.
  • Obsession with internet video games, main topic of most conversations.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not playing games.
  • Developing tolerance and needing more time spent playing games.
  • The person has not been successful when attempting to stop gaming, or cutting back on time spent playing games.
  • The person lacks interest in other activities or hobbies not gaming related.
  • The person continues to play games even though they recognize the harmful impact games have on their life.
  • The person lies about their gaming usage.
  • The person uses games as a method for relief from anxiety or guilt.
  • The person puts opportunities and relationships at risk just to play video games.

Why An Escape To A Gaming Addiction Treatment Center Is Imperative

Treatment for gaming addiction is similar to treatment for any other addiction when is comes to finding healthy behaviors. At a gaming addiction treatment center, patients will work with licensed professionals to undergo counseling and identify triggers. At an inpatient treatment center, a patient will most likely participate in therapy sessions both as an individual and as part of a group. Patients usually have an option also go to 12-step meetings as another form of gaming addiction treatment.

Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is the primary mode of treatment used to treat a gaming addiction disorder. CBT is a common form of talk therapy that is popular in addiction treatment as well. During sessions, participants can talk about what they feel and get input from the therapist and have an open dialogue during the session. This therapy is beneficial for helping a person recognize triggers, negative thinking patterns, and more effective ways to deal with stressful situations.

The Impacts Of Gaming Addiction

Today, gaming has gotten so big that watching others play attracts massive crowds, and roughly 2/3 of all American households now play video games for example. For many gamers, they will spend all of their free time playing games and hoping to win big one day. They virtually have no personal lives because every moment of their spare time goes to virtual reality. This means that people don’t have social lives, which has severe negative impacts on relationships with family and friends. Further, there have been several comprehensive studies that show a strong connection between excessive gaming and other psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and personality disorders. it’s no wonder why the need for a gaming addiction treatment center is on the rise!

At Maui Recovery, we see a lot of patterns related to screen and gaming addictions. If you or someone you love is suffering from video game addiction, it’s not your fault! For the better part of two decades, people have had devices in their hands since they were toddlers. This generation has been primed for screen and video game addiction. Our staff focuses on this issue with great passion, and it is that passion that sets Maui Recovery from the rest.

What Maui Recovery Has To Offer For Gaming Addiction Treatment

Maui Recovery specializes in video game addiction treatment. We have the facilities, the staff, and the program to teach you how to overcome addictive behavior. With the tools that we give you, you will be able to beat your addiction. The World Health Organization has classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition, and no rehab center is equipped to treat mental health better than Maui Recovery!

Now there is a dedicated specialized program at Maui Recovery to effectively treat this issue. Dr. Kardaras, our Co-CEO and Chief Clinical Officer, is considered one of the world’s leading experts on digital addiction (social media, video games, smart phones, etc.) and its treatment. He is the author of “Glow Kids” (St. Martin’s Press, 2016), the seminal book on the clinical, neurological and sociological aspects of digital/technology addiction and, over the past 10 years, he has clinically worked with hundreds of young people struggling with this issue.

Maui Recovery works with many struggling families to get help for their troubled loved ones. Some admit they have a gaming addiction but refuse to acknowledge a problem. And that’s even if they can’t pay bills or personal possessions are frequently pawned off to get more money. If you or a loved one have hit rock bottom and need a kind hand to guide toward recovery, do not hesitate to reach out to Maui Recovery. Our staff members are here for you in your greatest time of need!

Our Commitment To You During COVID-19

At Maui Recovery we understand that there is a lot of fear and concern regarding COVID-19; however, we want to assure you that our program has always been an ideal setup to deal with issues such as this. At Maui Recovery we are a coed 8 bed customized program based upon Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. While other centers scramble to adapt, we have always specialized in small and personal recovery programming. Our residents attend inhouse AA, NA, Refuge Recovery and Smart Recovery Meetings. A large portion of our programming involves our adventure guides helping residents find their true self in secluded nature adventures exploring the magical Island of Maui, away from tourists. While other programs are forced to create a new program strategy in this crisis, at Maui Recovery we continue with normal programming, as we already have the perfect system in place.

Don’t let an addiction to video games ruin your life. Contact Maui Recovery today so we can help you with treatment options for your gaming disorder treatment.

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