Unfortunate Nature Of Gambling Addictions And Finding Treatment In Hawaii

Gambling can be fun, a form of adrenaline, worry, excitement, and joy all wrapped up in a light flashing package. Gambling can also be tragic, a once fun activity turned into an…

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Gambling can be fun, a form of adrenaline, worry, excitement, and joy all wrapped up in a light flashing package. Gambling can also be tragic, a once fun activity turned into an unhealthy addiction that robs a person of everything in their life. Just as with any addiction, the unfortunate nature of that addiction can be felt by the individual, family, community, and world at large. Hence the necessary action needed in finding the best treatment for you or a loved one experiencing gambling addictions as soon as possible. Gambling addiction treatment centers are found throughout the country, but not all created equal. Hawaii can provide the perfect landscape for anyone seeking recovery and peace from the haunting gambling machine beeps, buzzers, and ringing sounds of their nightmares. Where former sounds of wins and loses are replaced with waves crashing on a beach, breezes in trees, and birds hanging with bees. The unfortunate nature of gambling and finding treatment in Hawaii become the perfect duo for anyone seeking successful recovery from an unhealthy way of living life. 

The Unfortunate Nature Of Gambling Addiction 

Who doesn’t love winning…. literally no one. We all feel that overwhelming sense of joy when we hit the big jackpot, heck even a little jackpot! But therein lies the unfortunate nature of gambling, that insatiable desire to feel the same addictive sense of joy. For some, on their next vacation to Las Vegas is where they can satisfy the next gambling itch and feel patient in waiting. But, for others, that same gambling itch may feel like agony if not scratched soon. Hence the unfortunate nature of gambling addiction and finding treatment in Hawaii as soon as possible. So often, the struggling gambling addict feels lost and devoid of a healthy sense of self and purpose in their lives without their daily win or loss. Gambling addiction, also called compulsive gambling, can be defined as the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on the individual’s life. Unhealthy actions taken where an individual is willing to risk something they actually have in value, in the hopes of getting something of even greater value. The urge to gamble for those who experience gambling addiction can seem so severe that they lose all grasp of their own life. And worse, when unacknowledged and treated, gambling addiction can affect the individuals health, relationships, work, and financial stress to the point of destruction. 

Signs of gambling addiction may vary for those struggling to break free unknowing. Physical, mental, and emotional changes in a person struggling with the unfortunate nature of gambling addiction can be different for each individual. When it’s yourself in the trenches of addictive gambling the signs may not be clear until quality of life and loss are felt strongly. But, for a loved one you feel concerned for, the observed signs of their physical and mental behavior can confirm if help is indeed needed. The unfortunate nature of gambling addictions and finding treatment in Hawaii is inevitable for any one seeking recovery. For someone unsure, the most common and troubling signs of gambling addiction or compulsive gambling are:

  • A focus on gambling rather than family, relationships, work, or daily activities. 
  • Feeling anxious or stressed about gambling every day. 
  • Using gambling as a coping mechanism for stress and/or difficult feelings.
  • Spending more money and personal resources on gambling than can be afforded.
  • Denial and/or lying about the amount of time and resources used in gambling. 

Why The Signs Of Gambling Addiction Should Not Be Ignored

If there is at least one thing we should all have learned from our current and hopefully ending pandemic, it’s that we are all in this together. Whether it is yourself, a loved one, a neighbor, a friend, or a member of your community- we are all connected. The unfortunate nature of gambling is not only felt by the individual experiencing, but inevitably by all in the long run.  Gambling addictions also place a severe hardship on prison systems, public assistance programs, and legal systems. There can be many unfortunate consequences of gambling addictions that result in community economic costs. Some dangers from residents battling gambling addiction include; increased rates of unemployment, bankruptcy, fraud and check forgery, forced home sales, and increased alcohol or drug abuse. Poor mental and physical health of individuals and families within the community can have lingering effects for years. The unfortunate nature of gambling addictions and finding treatment in Hawaii as soon as possible helps us all. Seeking gambling addiction treatment is the best thing an individual can do for themselves, family and friends they love, and their own community. 

Finding The Best Treatment In Hawaii For Gambling Addiction Is Possible

What better place to break free from the chains of gambling addiction, to find hope and yourself again, than in paradise with incredible support. With over 15 years of treating and healing, the Maui Recovery family has learned to combine the best treatments available with the best location possible. We utilize evidence-based treatments with powerful and transformative holistic therapies to treat the whole client. At Maui Recovery, our incredible staff members and family aim to help clients cope and realize the roots and unfortunate nature of gambling addiction in their life. At Maui Recovery we are the world’s only treatment center that uses Myth, Archetype, and “The Hero’s Journey” as an intrinsic part of our recovery program for gambling addiction. We also employ master-level clinicians that are trained to help guide each client using the healing island of Maui as an essential element and part of the recovery experience. Shifting from a shame core to a love core, cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy, and purposeful living is key. We take pride in combining the best evidence-based treatments with powerful and transformative holistic and experimental therapies in physical paradise. The unfortunate nature of gambling addiction and finding treatment in Hawaii can look like:

  • Property is situated in the beautiful paradise that is Maui.
  • Luxurious, spacious, and private setting.
  • Private mental health treatment therapies and programs.
  • Luxurious private rooms and lodging.
  • Integrated health care treatment.
  • Top mental health professionals and experienced staff members.
  • Nature Immersion Therapies such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and canoeing.
  • Adventure Therapies such as Equine and Surf.
  • Round-the-clock patient care and guidance.

The ocean is a beautiful reminder of life’s obstacles, how we can choose to ride each wave that comes at us. But we do not have to take them all at the same time. As each wave rises, so does it have to recede. How to recover from the unfortunate nature of gambling addictions depends on the individual experiencing the symptoms and their intuitive help. Hawaii provides the perfect landscape and location to go inward, far away from the technology and toxic environments that gambling is most often found. Maui Recovery provides the perfect support with experienced staff and around the clock care for whole body healing. There is no better choice for conquering the unfortunate nature of gambling addiction and finding treatment in Hawaii than with Maui Recovery. We are here for our clients and their families every step of the way.  

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