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Holistic Treatment For Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Mental Health Focused On Individualized Care

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At Maui Recovery, we’ve created a Hawaii-based Based Drug & Alcohol Rehab center that combines Holistic Wellness, Best-Practice Care, Nature & Transformative Experiences to achieve lasting Recovery. 



We are committed to providing the highest standard of care, using methods proven to make a significant difference in our patients’ journeys to recovery. By combining evidence-based treatment with time-tested healing modalities, we provide our clients with the tools necessary to experience healing like never before.



At Maui Recovery, we offer Experiential Treatment, an innovative approach centered on personal growth through firsthand experiences helping our clients to not only heal while in treatment, but to facilitate mental healing that lasts after our rehab program is completed.

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What Would It Feel Like To Be Mentally Free?

When struggling with a mental health disorder that is not improving, choosing a residential treatment program for more intensive and focused treatment is an excellent option. Maui Recovery Center provides optimal mental health treatment and services through a blend of proven evidence-based therapies and complimentary holistic activities. We want you comfortable through the entire process.