Drug Rehab in Hawaii

Group therapy has long since been employed by innumerable rehab facilities throughout the country as an effective form of psychotherapy. Group therapy helps to facilitate healthy communication skills, while allowing patients to relate to one another on a deep and emotionally intimate level. In the realm of addiction treatment, group therapy sessions help addicts to understand that they are not alone, and that developing a healthy and encouraging support system is crucial to the maintenance of long-term recovery.

Adventure therapy first became prominent in the early 1960s. The method of therapeutic healing draws influence from many psychological theories, though the predominant underlying philosophy is directly related to experiential education. Since its early development, adventure therapy has proven to increase self-esteem, self-helping behavior, trust in others, self-awareness, and improve a variety of other areas of emotional, social, and cognitive functioning.

The History of Adventure Therapy

Adventure and exploration has been a part of the healing process in many cultures for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. An archaic form of adventure therapy was utilized by Native Americans, and has proven to be quite prominent in the healing process present in both Jewish and Christian traditions. A form of therapy called “Tent Therapy” first emerged in the 1900s, and was studied closely for upwards of 20 years until it fell to the wayside. In this early form of adventure therapy, psychiatric patients were moved into tents on the hospital lawns. Many patients showed improvement during their stay in the tents, which prompted great interest amongst psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals in the medical field. Similar studies arose over the course of the next several decades, but the one that stuck was a camping program designed to help troubled adolescents and young adults. Currently known as “wilderness programs”, these adventure-based therapeutic retreats still help addicts, alcoholics, former convicts, and victims of abuse overcome self-imposed hurdles and build both self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our Program of Adventure Therapy

At Maui Recovery, we look to some of these therapeutic methods for inspiration, incorporating beneficial elements of adventure therapy into our own program of addiction recovery. A combination of Hawaiian culture, proven therapeutic practices, and the beautiful, lush scenery of the island make for a comprehensive and fulfilling journey of healing quite unlike any other. One of Maui’s greatest assets is the constant availability of outdoor resources. We take our clients on numerous excursions, exposing them to the medicinal properties of nature while instilling in them the self-assurance and belief of capability that years of substance abuse inevitably ripped away.

From hiking the many waterfall-lined mountains to swimming with sea turtles, we incorporate adventure therapy in a way that benefits our clients long-term, setting a solid foundation for lasting and meaningful sobriety. For more information on our program of adventure therapy, please give is a call toll-free at 800-919-2066. We look forward to speaking with you soon!