The stressors of modern society have continuously placed most people in a an extended state of being overworked, under-rested, distressed, isolated, depressed and anxious. Many people then self-medicate that distress through drugs, alcohol or other forms of addictive behavioral escapes (sex, the internet, etc.). As a result of this shame-inducing process, people will oftentimes assume the role and archetype of living as either a victim or villain in order to survive.  These roles then become the self-fulfilling narrative by which many struggling addicts see and define their lives. And then an oftentimes multi-year–or multi-decade cycle–of self abuse develops.

If this is where you currently find yourself, you are not alone.  Proven research has shown that in today’s society, many people find themselves in the same endless cycle of addiction and despair.

At Maui Recovery we are the only recovery retreat center in the world that utilizes Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, The Maui Hero Project and the Mythic Adventure programs to break this cycle and help clients re-tether themselves to a much healthier and more meaningful life–and to also reframe their story and transform from victim or villain into a recovery Hero.