To speak with a Certified Admissions Counselor please call 808-731-1275 Services we offer: Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment. Programs we offer: Residential Recovery Programs, Extended Aftercare, and Sober Living. The aforementioned services and programs are offered in 30, 60 and 90 day stays. Additionally, we also offer unique and custom programs:  Immersive Treatments, SeaHab, Mālama Mentorship, Adventure Therapy, and much more. Why Maui Recovery?  Maui Recovery is a Transformational Treatment, Aftercare and Sober Living Program that provides a nurturing, intimate and safe environments that allows for real healing and recovery work to occur. Embracing a best-practice “continuum of care” philosophy, we offer four levels of care that are on a continuum of intensity and services as clients move through the recovery and treatment as well as two powerful and transformative intensive experiential options. We offer a full range of clinical services with Masters-level clinicians, as well as therapeutic and healing outdoor activities several times a week to promote emotional, psychological and physical well-being. All of our programs are housed in a beautiful serene property in a 24 hour monitored sober environment, just 400 ft from the Ocean.