Mālama Mentorship Program

Mālama means “to take care of, to honor, to protect” in Hawaiian. These are the values our mentors embody everyday to help our clients to move forward on their path to recovery and independence.

Our Mālama mentors provide case management services to our clients early in recovery. Our caring mentors inspire and encourage clients to reach and create long-term goals as well as stay connected to the recovery community.

Services Provided:

    • Education: Our mentors can help clients to apply for secondary education, drive them to appointments and help with educational goal setting.


  • Employment: Our mentors help clients to attain and maintain employment. They drive clients to appointments, practice interview skills, work on resumes and help clients apply for employment and also identify suitable employment depending on our clients skill sets and aspirations.
  • Daily Living Skills: Mentors help clients with budgeting skills, grocery shopping, cooking classes, paying bills, managing their time, applying for IDʻs, applying for medical insurance, understanding and accessing their credit scores, amongst a variety of other daily living skills.
  • Health and Community Resources: Many of our clients are new to Hawaii and our mentors help them to get acquainted with various programs on the island. They will take them to recovery meetings, introduce them to sober support, take them to appointments and get them acquainted with the variety of community resources we have here on Maui.
  • Sexual Health and Responsibility: Our mentors can help clients access sexual health resources and talk about sexual health issues including birth control choices and learn about sexually transmitted diseases.


    • Interpersonal Relationship Skills: Mentors help clients to build and strengthen  relationships with their families and friends, to make new sober friends and to learn to have a healthy self esteem and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.


  • Recovery coaching: All of our mentors have extensive experience in recovery and most of them are in recovery themselves. Our mentors help clients to access sober support resources, attend meetings and discuss triggers, coping skills and work on general relapse prevention.
  • Nutrition: Our mentors help clients access cooking classes on the third Tuesday of every month and teach them about healthy eating habits.
  • Self-advocacy: Ultimately the goal of our program is to teach clients to advocate and empower themselves.  This means that although mentors will sit beside and support clients to apply for jobs, make the calls they need to make, and attend appointments, they will not do these things for our clients. It is important that each and every client learn how to empower themselves. We teach clients to speak up for themselves, to know their legal rights and responsibilities and to communicate effectively with others. The maxim “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime” is the philosophy our mentorship program follows.


Clients are held accountable with a weekly checklist of goals accomplished.


In addition, our trained masters level therapist will see clients once a week for 50 minutes. The clinician drives the creation of goals and collaborates with the mentor on a weekly basis and works on issues such as healthy self esteem, staying connected to sober support, healthy communication, underlying trauma issues. If a release of information is signed families can stay connected to our therapist and our mentors and be updated on their family members progress in achieving their set goals.

Rates and hours:

Our mentors are allocated 5 hours a week to work with clients. They may do one 5 hour appointment or see a client a few times a week, however they decide to work out the hours collaboratively with the client.

Pease contact us for more information:

(877) 317-8260