Continuing Care Program

Traditional Outpatient and Digital Outpatient (Teletherapy Via Skype & Text) Options:

Maui Recovery Virtual Outpatient

Stay connected with the Maui Recovery team with Outpatient Teletherapy via Skype and texting support that works seamlessly with you and your scheduling needs.

The most critical ingredient to continued and sustained recovery is staying tethered to therapeutic continuing care; research has shown that the longer a client is in some type of continuing care, the better the long-term outcomes.
Unfortunately, some clients have certain barriers to therapy that make attendance at traditional outpatient programs challenging; those barriers include: travel, transportation issues, child care, work constraints and scheduling issues. Teletherapy eliminates all of those barriers.
With Maui Digital Outpatient you get:

  • One individual 45 minute Skype therapy sessions per week with your clinician.
  • Daily text check-ins.
  • Additional Skype or phone sessions can also be arranged.

Maui Recovery Digital Outpatient is available for thirty, sixty or ninety contracts, or you can sign up for long-term continuing care (3 to 12 months).

(30 Days: $3,000; 60 Days: $5,000; 90 Days: $6,500 ).
Drug and Alcohol monitoring via SoberLink additional.
Traditional Outpatient in Wailea:
Intensive Outpatient Option:
9 hours per week of group and individual therapy plus drug testing: $5,000
Regular Outpatient:
4 hours per week: 2 groups/one individual plus drug testing: $2,500
Groups include: Relapse Prevention, Equine therapy, Addiction Education, psychodrama, Somatic Healing, Family Dynamics, Adventure Outings, DBT, CBT and Mindfulness Meditation.
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