Trauma is an emotional response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event. Traumatic events can cause feelings of helplessness, lowering their sense of self and their ability to feel positive emotions and experiences. Trauma can also cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomach problems, and chest pain. Maui Recovery is a recovery center for traumatic events and has all the resources necessary to effectively treat the condition.

Maui Recovery offers a trauma treatment plan that is specifically designed to address the needs of those who have experienced a traumatic event. In this article we’ll cover the common types of trauma, some of the symptoms of trauma, potential ways of treating trauma symptoms, and how Maui Recovery can help those who are struggling.

What is trauma?

Before considering treatment, it is important to understand what trauma is and if you identify with any of the symptoms. Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing event. A traumatic event is any event that causes physical, emotional, or psychological harm. This can include car accidents, natural disasters, violence, and more. Traumatic events often leave people feeling scared, helpless, or alone. Some people may feel like they are going crazy and experience flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts about the event. It is important to note that everyone experiences and handles trauma differently. Some people may even reflect on traumatic events later on after the event has already occurred and potentially develop other mental issues as a result. This is why seeking treatment as soon as possible is critical.

When people experience traumatic events, it can cause feelings of helplessness, lowering their sense of self and their ability to feel positive emotions and experiences. Traumatic events can lead to physical and emotional problems. For example, people who have experienced trauma may develop anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You may also find yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy prior. These are a sort of safety net we create for ourselves that can be detrimental to our overall well being and create complacency to our trauma. It is important to seek professional help if you identify with these sort of issues.

Although not everyone experiences trauma the same, the symptoms are usually common and identifiable among those who are having trouble with a traumatic event. It is important to seek professional help if you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Re-experiencing the event through flashbacks or nightmares
  • Avoiding people, places, or things that remind them of the event
  • Negative changes in mood and thinking, such as feeling isolated, hopeless, or detached from others
  • Physical symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, and headaches.
  • Intrusive thoughts about the event
  • Increased anxiety or worry
  • Guilt, shame, or self-blame depression

If you are seeking help for yourself or someone else, a recovery center such as Maui Recovery is the perfect place for recovery. Our staff has all the resources to handle issues related to trauma and is on stand by to help. If you’re interested in recovery, then lets go over some of the potential treatments you may hear about when seeking treatment. There are many different types of therapies that can help people heal from trauma.

Types of Treatment for Traumatic Events

Maui Recovery offers many different types of therapies that can help people heal from the effects of a traumatic event. We offer both traditional and alternative therapies to meet the needs of each individual. Some of the traditional therapies we offer include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: This type of therapy helps people change the way they think about and react to the events that have caused their trauma.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): This is a type of mindfulness-based stress reduction that can help people become more aware of their thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): This type of therapy uses eye movements and other forms of stimulation to help people process and heal from their trauma.

Our treatment process is not strictly limited to traditional treatment methods. We at Maui Recovery feel we see the best results when treatment plans include a mix of traditional and alternative therapies. This is why we also offer a variety of alternative therapies such as:

Adventure Therapy: This type of therapy uses activities like hiking, rock climbing, and zip-lining to help people build confidence and trust.

Hero’s Journey: This is a program that uses storytelling and mythology to help people heal from their trauma.

Surf Therapy: This type of therapy uses surfing to help people connect with nature and build self-confidence.

Equine Therapy: This type of therapy uses horses to help people build trust and confidence.

No matter what type of therapy you choose, the staff at Maui Recovery is here to support you on your journey to recovery. We understand that healing from a traumatic event can be a long and difficult process. But we also know that it is possible to heal and move on from trauma with the right help. If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of a traumatic event, we are here to help.

The Best Recovery Center for Traumatic Events is Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, we understand that the journey of recovery is difficult, and so we aim to provide support, care, and guidance for individuals and families. We offer a variety of programs designed to address all aspects of an individual’s life in order help them heal from trauma. Our mission is not only to help our clients recover physically but also emotionally by helping them develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. This is what makes us one of the best recovery center for traumatic events.

We understand that seeking help for trauma can be difficult, which is why we have licensed professionals who are here to help you every step of the way. At our inpatient treatment center, you will participate in therapy sessions as both an individual and as part of a group. Our goal is to help you reclaim your life! The Hawaiian word Ohana refers to an inclusive and extended family, which is what we want you to feel like while you’re here with us and it expresses the very heart of Maui Recovery. If you or someone close to you is looking for help recovering from trauma, know that there are people and resources available who want to see you succeed. Reach out to us today to learn more about our top-notch treatment options and how we can work together towards a healthier future.