Misery / Martyrdom

The injustices and the suffering in someones life sometimes makes them feel it is the only option and way of life they can live


“Some people are only happy when they’re unhappy.” Have you ever heard this saying before? Maybe you have come across someone claiming they’re hooked on complaining. This is known as misery addiction, and you can find it anywhere.


Individuals living with misery addiction tend to focus on the bad things in their life. They dwell on burdens and the many ways the world wrongs them. It may be hard for the sufferer to understand that there are positive things to see, too.


The Maui Recovery team understands misery/martyrdom addiction and addresses the underlying issues so clients can move past their negative behavior patterns.

Complaining About Various Burdens.

Life does not have to be a series of burdens and sacrifices. Although we may sometimes experience dilemmas in our life, habitual misery can be less of a circumstance and more of a lifestyle for someone

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At Maui Recovery, We Strive to Help Realize Life is Not a Sacrificial Experience

What may seem humble on the surface, can actually be issues deeper than being the hero of a situation. This can lead to a obscure response to depression, grief, anger, and guilt. We understand the difficulties individuals and families can experience when faced with this issue.

15 Years of Healing and Treating

We know first hand the pain and suffering that comes from active addiction. We’re here for you


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