Health, Wellness & Nutrition

Our program has a high focus on awareness and education on healthy nutrition, diet, and exercise, and how it all effects the mind and body. When you leave Maui Recovery you will not only be more spiritually and emotionally fit, you will be more physically fit. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” At Maui Recovery, we provide healthy delicious food with moderate sized portions and eat on a routine throughout each day, regulating the body so that it can get back to its natural centered state. To further expand on our health & wellness, you will experience daily exercise into your daily routine whether it’s during an adventure, a trip to the gym, a run on the beach, or yoga in the park. At Maui Recovery, we believe in healing the Whole Self, and diet, fitness and a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of the integration. By the time our members leave, they are not the same as when they came in, and leave with new perspective, joy, aliveness, wholeness and vitality with healthier habits, tools and skills that have been engrained to ensure sustainability and longevity in their lives.