Cultural and Spiritual Healing Program

Holistic Treatment for Addiction

At Maui Recovery Services in Hawaii we pride ourselves in placing an emphasis on exposure to Hawaiian culture. In our program you will experience participation in Hawaiian cultural classes. Other cultural experiential exercises may include activities such as taro farming and excursions to important Hawaiian spiritual and cultural sites. You will also have an opportunity to speak and interact with a Hawaiian spiritual advisor and develop individual spiritual goals to enhance your treatment. We have partnered with a local Hawaiian elder, known as a kupuna, as well as members of Maui’s Hawaiian community so that our clients may have a transforming experience that is informed by Hawaii and Maui’s meaningful cultural legacy. In traditional Hawaiian culture a kupuna is an elder or teacher. In a broader sense kupuna is thought of as the source, the starting point or the process of growth. This definition is related to the notion that our direct forbearers and those of the distant past remain living treasures who continue to help us grow in numerous ways. They are a source of experience, knowledge, guidance, strength, and inspiration to the next generations. We feel they are an important addition to our recovery program.